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Excitement gearing towards BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I: Promise

Hey everyone, it's me again~ 

Has anyone caught the new Roselia movie that was just released last Saturday? 

It was a fan screening, which also meant a rather lavishly priced movie ticket at Golden Village that amounted to $47. Of course, it also came with a great deal of merchandise: an illustration card of one of the Roselia members, a beautiful A3 poster, a can badge of one of the members, as well as a mystery gift from Hakken, the physical anime merchandise store that was just around the corner by the movie theatre. 

Here's one of the movie trailers if you are interested:

This movie is actually the first part of the Roselia movies, and a second one will be out pretty soon.

For a huge BanG Dream! fan whose favourite band is Roselia, you would expect me to snatch up this movie ticket and enjoy the movie. Unfortunately, I could only gaze from the sidelines :( However, that is okay as I can still wait for the online release in future. Besides, seeing so much Roselia promotion on the highest floor of Plaza Singapura already made me so happy. I mean...

A huge movie banner that spread across the wall? A dream! I had to pose with it (although I was a bit shy)

To add it on, I was standing right in front of Shirokane Rinko, my favourite member from Roselia~

Besides that, I also visited Hakken, the anime store I mentioned above. Entering Hakken felt like I was entering the mini version of one of those anime stores in Akihabara (Ahh... I miss travelling) because of the music that was playing, as well as the energetic display of items around the store. I even got another small Roselia treat from the brochure they gave out!

I guess even though I didn't get the chance to watch the fan screening, little things like seeing Roselia on a big display or even a small brochure was enough to make me happy. 

Another movie poster I saw outside the theatre

To be fair, although I did miss the fan screening, there will also be a regular screening this Saturday, and it will be screening for $15. There won't be any merchandise given this time, so it definitely feels like a more pricey amount for a regular screening. However, I'm sure that big fans of Roselia will still appreciate the movie regardless. 

On another note, I wish that I can see the seiyuus of Roselia (who also play their instruments in real live!) perform in Singapore. Unfortunately, only time will tell in this pandemic. Nevertheless, let's look on the bright side :)

Well, if you have seen the fan screening last weekend, feel free to share your thoughts and let us bond together as Roselia fans! 

To close it off, here's one of the songs that was featured in the movie!

And... I also wanted to share a recent live performances performed by their seiyuus! The song truly is a... Blessing to my ears. 

Have a good week everyone! 

Written by kimizomi

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