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In anybody's preferred world of living, the possibilities are endless and only limited to the person's imagination. Naturally, there are some who would attribute such fantasies to having watched too much anime or read too much manga. There is nothing wrong with any of those though. I have been trying to imagine a universe where I could actually live in according to my own terms, yet the living conditions are such that I would co-exist with the supernatural. My apologies. I have started watching Servamp recently, and for some reason I wish that I had a hybrid like that.

What is way more intriguing is the fact that the protagonist Shirota Mahiru had just picked up the animal one instance and nearly got himself killed the other. The stray cat is only a disguise of something bigger and more powerful. The cat which Mahiru had named Kuro is actually a vampire that serves as a servant (hence the title Servamp) to whoever that feeds blood to it, effectively creating an unbreakable chain between the Servamp and its Eve.

Vampires have certainly lived up to the rumour of such in town, as talked about among Mahiru's friends in school. It wasn't long before Mahiru had met with his first vampire attack. One of his friends had been brutally bitten by another Servamp known as Belkia, which wields several swords and pretends to be a street performer only to prey on unsuspecting victims. In order to save his friend, Mahiru decided to feed Kuro some of his blood which instantly connected both of them as Servamp and Eve.

Despite Kuro's powers, he has a huge dislike for trouble and shows it without second thoughts. Mahiru is left with no choice as they have already been bonded through his blood, and can only learn to deal with this new identity while keeping it guarded from his friends. His friend who was attacked by Belkia had his memories strangely altered as he claimed to be in a car accident instead.

If I were to be confronted with such a situation, I think that I would be rather excited to fight alongside a vampire, despite the risks of having one staying by my side. Because Servamps need the blood of their Eves to unleash their powers, that is a downside which might just cause any human their lives. Then again, Mahiru isn't alone in his new journey as an Eve. Along the way, he will meet other Servamps and their Eves who will lend a hand to his newfound situation.

Anybody else is watching Servamp as well? I really find Kuro adorable, cat form or not! Well, except that he is such a heavy eater and a lazy bum too...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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