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My Top 10 Slice-of-Life Anime

To All,

We all know that hectic University life runs on this crazy schedule that is different from that of Elementary, Secondary and even Junior College lives. In University, not only do you feel like you're sitting for A-levels every semester (about 4 months), the work piling up would make you suspect whether your Professors actually think that students are nocturnal. No, actually it's slightly worse than that, it's as if students don't need sleep.

And if you have heard that University is a relaxing place, scrap that thought. Unless you are competent enough to remain on the top 5% of the cohort every semester, don't enter university anticipating a life of roses and feathers and friends and whatever else which might seem nice to you. Honestly, it's more like diving into a rafflesia with no way out when I see all my schoolmates mugging like they are out to kill.

And as my need for ranting builds up as my midterms come by, my need for relaxing anime has also increased nearly ten-fold. What's better than studying for your exams as you watch some slice-of-life anime which you hope would bring some hope back into your life by making you appreciate what you have better? Or perhaps laughing at those 2D people stressing over their exams alongside you would make you better too?

10. Servant x Service
This anime depicts the working life of civil servants where the cast are eccentric individuals and the anime shows how each of them fall into their roles, get along... and well it's just your typical slice-of-life with a sense of twisted humor. I watched this after Working!! and I enjoyed both immensely. If you love Working!! you'll probably like this too! It's a nice change of pace to watch this while taking breaks from studying.

9. Hanasaku Iroha
Leaving behind your life in Tokyo to go to work at a hot spring inn might seem like a dream to most of us, but not for the passionate main character Ohana. This anime would certainly help to inspire you and fire up your passionate side as you learn the real-life struggles of the different characters.

8. Mushishi
This anime is perfect for napping, especially when you are a little too stressed out to fall asleep. The beautiful colors of the landscape, peaceful talking voices and the general calm feeling the anime exudes through its characterization and flow of events might just put you to sleep within minutes!

7. Tari Tari
I loved the arc Sawa had. Her voice actress really dragged out the emotions Sawa had in her when her dreams were torn from her grasp. I also liked the execution of a typical plot in a non-typical manner, where the main characters had to use an entire season to garner enough attention to finally have a performance, rather than those who are popular from the get-go or in the middle of the series. I feel bonded to the characters as I watched them grow as characters throughout this series. Personally, I feel that this anime would make a good series to watch when you're in need to some good music to help you focus.

6. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High School Boys)
Humor. Need I say more? Watch this during your breaks when you want to take a breather and forget about your work!

5. Gin no Saji (Silver spoon)
This is an anime which would make you appreciate life and think about your dreams and ambitions. Although it sounds heavy from what I just said, it's actually a pretty lighthearted anime, albeit peppered with some more deep moments. This is one of my favorite anime to watch when I'm feeling depressed.

4. Kimi to Boku
This is partial comedy and very much slice-of-life. With this show, it makes you feel relaxed, so it can be a very good background music, and leaves you feeling how much you wish you were born in their universe instead, making this another good anime to watch when doing work or when feeling depressed.

3. Working!!
Once again, comedy... with romance. And what have I said about comedy-based slice-of-life anime shows so far? Yes, time to watch it when taking a break!

2. Barakamon
Moving from Tokyo to a rural area would make most people petrified but the main character, Handa Seishuu manages to fit in very well with the kind townsmen thanks to Naru, an outgoing child that constantly cause ruckus around town. This is a relaxing anime that brings you through a slight roller-coaster of emotions, mainly the warm feeling that you need blossoming in your chest as you tackle the impending doom called examinations.

1. Aria the Natural
Aria is like the epitome of heart-warming anime and relaxing music. Not only does Aria bring you to this other world through its very own way of building emotions and bonds to its main characters, it also gives you a solid story line, likable characters, fantastic heart-warming and relaxing music (for the theme songs, character songs and even the OSTs), it also provides you with a refuge to hide from the arduous task called studying. Just make sure you don't fall asleep on accident!

This is the list of the 10 anime which I am using while studying for my midterms and finals this year. Of course, there are many more slice of life anime out that might appeal to you more than these, such as Natsume Yuujinchou, Non non Biyori and the famous K-ON! But I have re-watched those series plenty of times for my previous examinations and I'll like to focus on less popular series this time round!

Hopefully these would not end up distracting you from your work. Remember that moderation is key!

From Your Fellow Anime Fan,

Written by Reina-rin

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