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Time Travel Eccentrically Deconstructed (?) My Way

Of late, the stagnated mind's started to tremble at odd intervals, possibly due to some undiscovered strain of virus that auto-triggers any remains of my dormant creative juices. I'm truly elated, for that means straight to the keyboard to churn out my debut for Milkcananime! Name's J.Fluffysheep, yoroshiku!


If you could take a leap back in time, at which point would you wish to touch down? I would love to re-live the moment when I was getting ready to sing on stage for the first time in my life. Now, I'm not an expert in any field of science or technology, but if time travel could be rendered possible I think I would eventually go temporarily ballistic and be out of control just like Makoto (pictured above) from the anime adaptation of Yasutaka Tsutsui's novel The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Abusing a new-found power albeit for a certain time frame is wickedly fun. The lack of conscience doesn't register anywhere in the mind until the power's been nearly squeezed to its last drop. When revelation finally slaps hard on the face, I bet I would...just let the harsh truths be. I don't think I would tear up anyway. The idea of time travel is so anticipatory that it might just override any other emotion in line.

Chiaki & Makoto <3

Sounds terribly self-centred? Perhaps so. The desire to live the inner utopian could be overpowering that it distorts realism. In the anime, Makoto's redemption sends her time-leaping for one last time, where she prevents the complete vanishing of Chiaki. It's never explicitly mentioned the exact time period that Chiaki came from, but they have promised to meet each other then. This ultimately brings the damage level to nought, which is perfect for the typical happy ending.

If I had a similar encounter, I would rather remember Chiaki's goodness since the future doesn't promise anything upfront, let alone a reunion that's been set (presumably) a long way before. Alternatively, I could opt for my memories to be erased, just like the heroine's fate in the live-action film adaptation. Frankly, anybody (not a good representation but let's just pretend it is) would have exhausted their entirety at long last that any possibility of wanting to repeat this whole time-leap game has vanished. Even though atonement isn't quite the option here, given an opportunity I believe that certain pieces could still be picked up. For example, Makoto could finally get that faulty brake fixed or something. Because the next time a freak accident happens, it's straight to the morgue.

Peach-flavoured entrails de Makoto, anyone?
If the anime ever gets a twisted reboot, perhaps it could be called "The Girl Who Thought She Had Leapt Through Time". Ju hachi kin (Under 18 prohibited), unless the gore is replaced with peach splatter... :P 

On a light-hearted (?) note, I like the piano arrangement of Garnet, the anime's theme song. It complements the beautiful lyrics. I especially love the second chorus:
♪ hateshinai toki no naka de anata to deaeta koto ga
nani yori mo atashi o tsuyoku shite kureta ne
muchuu dekakeru ashita ni tadoritsuita toshite mo
anata wa zutto
tokubetsu de taisetsu de
mata kono kisetsu ga yatte kuru
The bittersweetness of Garnet lingers like the aroma of freshly brewed matcha latte. Anyway, if anybody's feeling puzzled over the significance of this piece, truth is...I don't have a definite response. I guess the idea of time travel is just as random as a sudden craving for matcha latte out of the blue. Or it could be the fact that I had actually viewed the anime and live-action film back-to-back some time ago and felt a bubbling urge to unload some baggage (and thanks to this space I finally did). Whatever it is, I still love them all the same. ♥

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep 

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