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Figure Unboxing and Review: SEGA SPM Toujou Nozomi (Sunny Day Song)

Unfortunately or otherwise, I've recently succumbed to temptation and begun collecting figurines, managing to put up a resistance for years on end due to the lack of space at home and other hobbies that threatened to burn a hole in my wallet. I've managed to solve both problems and my recent visits to Chara Expo and Funan DigtaLife Mall's closing down sales proved to be more than fruitful.

One particular purchase I made during this year's edition of Chara Expo that I was exceptionally satisfied with would be a SEGA SPM Nozomi figurine in her Sunny Day Song outfit from the Love Live! movie. I missed the chance to buy her Snow Halation figurine from SEGA's SPM line earlier this year and there was no way I'd make the same mistake twice.

I suspect the side of the box featuring the animated version of Nozomi had the sole purpose of showcasing the attention to detail that was put into crafting the figurine. After all, the Sunny Day Song outfits probably have the hardest design to recreate due to the myriad of colours and patterns featured. Adding to that problem would be the pose she strikes, appearing to be the most outstanding among all nine μ’s members right now.

I'm unsure if this is a standard practice across all figurines but having cardboard, bubble wrap AND a plastic bag to encase the figurine speaks volumes about the effort SEGA has put into protecting it. Although I understand this might also be due to the figurine being a prize in the various crane games across Japan.

Nozomi's hairstyle is spot on, featuring braids, as seen in Snow Halation and the final episode of the anime's second season instead of her usual twintails. The craftsmanship is evident throughout the figurine, faithfully recreating her outfit from the movie right down to the creases on her shirt and accessories in her hair. 

One minor gripe I have would be the beige paint smudging the black stitching at the torso but considering the figurine's price point, that didn't bother me much. Heck, I didn't even notice the slight defect till I reviewed the photos later on.

All in all, this is a purchase I'm glad I made, especially before the new wave of Love Live! Sunshine!! merchandise starts to flood stores and exhibitions in the coming months and years. As someone who's new to collecting figurines, this didn't break the bank but that might not last long, with Alter's China Dress Nozomi figurine going on sale in a few weeks' time.

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