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In The Mood For Ramen

Oh, hi! You have got to pardon my manners here, because this ramen I am slurping right now is just...hmm, I can't seem to think, talk and eat properly simultaneously! Gosh, can you believe this soup? Let me have another quick sip of it...ah, I can't think of anyone who doesn't fancy a bowl of piping hot ramen! Hmm, I am assuming that you love your ramen too? Yes? Come to think of it, I have an anecdote to share about ramen. Care to hear me out?

The other day, I was in the mood for some ramen after school, so I decided to stop by one of my favourite ramen shops for lunch. As I slid open the door, I could immediately feel a giant fiery wave consuming the atmosphere. Gosh, two young women were glaring at each other while their hands had just severed the disposable chopsticks, all ready to dive into their bowls of ramen. Who doesn't love a ramen-eating contest? I was so amazed by the sudden flow of competitiveness that I had actually forgotten my own hunger pangs!

But I would rather slurp and enjoy my ramen comfortably. Honestly, I find competitive eating very risky to one's well-being. Ramen is usually so piping hot that the idea of guzzling the entire bowl simply invites death, or the Heimlich Manoeuvre. Oh, I am not stopping you if that happens to be your expertise!

Isn't this just wonderfully calming? Yeah, I have heard of ramen so good that even penguins enjoy a bowl or two. Do you have a favourite ramen? I usually can't readily decide what style I want, because the menu can be overwhelming. But I suppose that nobody can go wrong with a few essential flavours. Let's see...

Do you like miso? I think miso ramen is easily a favourite among many ramen lovers! There is also the spicy version if you prefer yours a little numbing. Hmm, there are several variations depending on which ramen shop you go to, but most do serve the basic type of miso ramen. Some customers love theirs with a good shake of garlic oil. I prefer mine with shichimi!

Of course, if you would like something a little milder yet still satisfying at the end, opt for shio ramen. The condiments are just superb! The soup is clearer, and you could probably swish everything around for a more appetising treat, visually and flavours-wise. Okay, maybe we shouldn't be playing with our food, but still...

Other essentials include tonkotsu and shoyu. Tonkotsu is basically pork bones, whereas shoyu is soy sauce. For tonkotsu, the soup is filled with so much collagen that I would literally empty the bowl! Hmm, the condiments...I don't have the killer combination since everything just goes so well with one another. But I would say nori, pork belly, onsen egg, and green onion usually make the list.

Gosh, can you hear your stomach growling? Because I have just heard mine! Hmm, ramen actually goes beyond just being anybody's lunch or dinner. There is a vast universe eagerly waiting for people to explore bit by bit. Then again, as long you have something to warm your stomach, it doesn't matter whether you have the universe or not! Bon appetit!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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