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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Ichigaya Arisa (BanG! Dream)

Along with the release of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party EN game a month ago, it has became one of the top grossing music games in the Playstore! And as a player for the EN version as well, I bring to you a review of another Nendoroid from the series, Ichigaya Arisa from Poppin' Party, one of the five bands featured in the game!

I'm glad how she is one of the larger "old" packaging compared to the newer and more compact packaging that Kahotan announced on her blog for the newer nendoroids. Purple is also the image color for Arisa and it matches her well although she doesn't have a single ounce of purple on her. This is quite different from how idol image colors are usually made, where they match the hair or eye color to the image color, and this actually helps emphasize the non-idol feel that BanG Dream has.
A simple look at what Arisa comes with. She has quite the average accessories, with three faceplates and a change of limbs. Her ponytails are also connected by a ball joint to her head, allowing for some freedom in movement and posing. 

However, more importantly, I'll like to highlight that she comes with two different ways to display her keyboard! One is when it's out of its bag (white keyboard) and the other is when it is in the bag, so you can display her walking home with the other Popipa Nendoroid members after practice!

Sculpting and Posing
Here is the section where I'll display some different poses which Arisa can use. She has folded arms and outstretched hands to display her playing the keyboard. There are also many different expressions you can use with this pose such as her smiling expression (seen above) or her pouting tsundere expression (seen below).
The blush on Arisa's face isn't very clear in this lighting but rest assured that it is definitely very cute! She also comes with a hand that has a pointing index finger, to fit with this face so you can use it when Arisa is both on and off the stage. There are a lot of scenes in GBP that has Arisa yelling at Kasumi so this could definitely work if you have both their Nendoroids!
Arisa also comes with a hand that is twirling her hair. I feel that this is one of the common things that tsundere girls tend to do, such as in Nishikino Maki's Nendoroid as well. Putting this signature pose with her tsundere expression makes for a very different feel, but I'll leave that for you to explore if you every get this Nendoroid!
Note that I did have some damages with my Nendoroid when I opened it. As you can see in the image above, her right ponytail came with some quality control issues. There are some rough edges and a paint flaw where there is quite a noticeable "hole" in the paint That being said, this should be only an issue with only a few Nendoroids and not across all manufactured.
Her uniform is exactly the same as the other Popipa members, with the exception that she is wearing full black stockings instead of socks or knee highs. The gold buttons and poofy red ribbon are also cleanly painted. Something which I want to point out is that unlike Kasumi's Nendoroid, the white painted lines around her waist area are actually painted well this time round, Thank you GSC, for noticing the problem with Kasumi and actually making improvements this time!
An accessory that I would like to highlight would be the displayed keyboard that is so detailed that it's amazing. All the different key and tabs are accurately sculpted and all prepared for Arisa to perform with. Also, the stand to prop up the keyboard can be folded, so it doesn't take a huge amount of space to store. If you wish to display Arisa with it, simply unfold it (as seem below) and it's good to go!
Another good accessory that Arisa (and most of the other Popipa members) come with is a bag to hold their musical instrument in!
Apart from it not having the super matte feel and material of these bags I usually see, the sculpting is actually quite accurate. All the sewn sections are sculpted as if there are actually different layers sewn on each other. The brand name and thin mint green borders are also cleanly painted onto one side.
And I'll end with a hilarious shot that also helps you to visualize how this fits on Arisa's shoulder!  Rest assured that it is definitely not difficult to fit this on her shoulder.

If you do like her or wish to collect most/all of Popipa Nendoroid, she is a must for you to get as she looks undeniably cute, especially with the angry pouting face. However, if you are simply trying to collect worth-it Nendoroids, this is definitely not something that is worthwhile to collect, simply because she only comes with nothing else apart from the keyboard and bag. You could always get the keyboard from a cheaper (albeit older) Nendoroid nowadays, such as K-ON!

~ Reina-rin

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