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Singapore Comic Con interview with Joey Spiotto

Singapore Comic Con interview with Joey Spiotto

Singapore Comic Con had the privilege to catch up with Joey Spiotto, author and illustrator for a short interview. Perhaps many will know him from children books such as “Attack! Boss! Cheat Code! A Gamer's Alphabet”, Firefly: Back from the Black” and “Alien next Door”.

Joey has created artwork for numerous clients including Lucasfilm, Marvel, Microsoft, Loot Crate, among many others. Joey is a regularly featured artist at the world-famous Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles where he’s had several solo exhibitions featuring his hit print series “Storytime” - where he turns some of our favourite movies, musicians, TV shows and video games into covers of children’s books from our youth. 

Before becoming an independent artist, Joey worked as a concept artist in the film and video game industry on such titles as “The Polar Express” for Warner Bros. as well as “Dead Space” and “The Sims” franchises at Electronic Arts.

                                                                                                           Joey Spiotto and his son

We put together a summary on the casual interview between SGCC and Joey Spiotto.

Host: What inspires you? What drives you?

Joey: I am inspired by my family. I watch a lot of cartoons with my kids and even draw inspiration when my kid reacts to something.

Host: Tell us about your experience being on the concept art team for the Polar Express.

Joey: Being able to work with Warner Bros was a dream come true. I learnt a lot about film production and how to create concept art. It was a wonderful experience.

Host: What is your best takeaway from working in the Video Game and Film industry.

Joey: The biggest takeaway is teamwork - How to get along and work together towards a common goal.

Host: What is the meaning behind the moniker ‘Joebot’?

Joey: Well, my name is Joey and I love robots. So I brought them together and.. 'Joebot'.

Host: Are there stories you would like to share to inspire fans?

Joey: I started working with great companies such as Gallery 1988, 20th Century Fox and Titan Books. I also got involved with a lot of official art shows such as Avengers Art Show with Marvel and Disney. With Titan Books, they basically let me do whatever I want in this project called “Alien Next Door” which I absolutely love it!

Host: How has the change in pop culture affected you and your craft?

Joey: The pop culture landscape has changed quite a bit since the creation of the internet. The internet has brought so many wonderful things. And with social media, artists can share their artwork and get feedback from the audience.

Host: Any advice for artists of the younger generation?

Joey: This line requires a lot of hard work, time, focus and dedication.

Host: In three words, what is Singapore Comic Con to you?

Joey: Opportunity (for) New Inspiration.

Indeed, I agree that a lot of hard work, time and dedication is needed not just for one to survive, but to excel in the creative industry today. May I also add the word ‘sacrifice’. As Bruce Lee ever said I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the one who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Such is the sacrifice for one in order to hone and master a skill.

Stay connected to SGCC for his signing schedules at Singapore Comic Con 2019, happening from 7-8 December at Marina Bay Sands Halls A, B and C. Tickets are available for purchase now.


Written by Max Wong

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