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Spamusement Park will be constructed in Beppu City

I'm sure we have all came across the viral PV video of an astounding number of 150 people wrapped in towels and riding roller coasters which are filled with bath water from an onsen. It's one of those things to watch nowadays but... is this a crazy idea?

Let's start out with Beppu City, which is both a city and a spa resort in Kyushu. It is famed for its many hot springs (~200) and the city itself is very active with marketing and generating PVs for garnering tourism. Seems like they have finally gotten a real viral hit video!

So how does Beppu City actually look like?

With regional cities in Japan starting on producing PVs to draw in tourists, this is hardly strange. We have some successful ones and some that raised controversy and doubt but the recent "Spamusement Park Project!" idea is all but unique.
Nearly naked people all around you as you have fun at an amusement park? Interesting idea.
You can probably guess from the name itself, but it combines the idea of a spa (onsen) and an amusement park into a new theory for people of all ages to enjoy. Most importantly, the Mayor of Beppu city promises to turn this into a reality if the video generates a million views, of which has already came true.
Now it is time for the mayor to keep his promises and comments on the video in Japanese are noted, asking for the same as well. 
Others are worried for privacy and hygiene issues. I would be too, in all honesty.

If they could pump 12 tons of hot-spring water over to an existing amusement park in the area just for the sake of a PV, surely they could hold that up for a long-lasting business right?

Well, I'm not well-versed with the bills, but I think that would cost a lot more in terms of electricity and maintenance. However, there is no doubt that this would raise tourist revenue and if that clickbait video turns into reality, only time will tell if Beppu City can actually hold out or if the Spamusement park will fail in time to come.

And... if you haven't contributed to the numbers yet, head over to find the video and help boost the numbers!
~ Reina-rin

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