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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid #692: Watanabe You (Good Smile Company)

To date, there have been 900 different Nendoroids created by Good Smile Company and that number only covers the main series of posable figurines they churn out every year. Include the various spin-offs such as the Nendoroid Plus and Nendoroid Petite lines and you probably have over a thousand out there. Name any anime or even video game character and he, she, or it probably has a Nendoroid figurine in one form or another. I can still remember when the 600th one was released to much fanfare two years ago, how time flies. To say that I'm a sucker for these is a major understatement, having reviewed one too many Saber Nendoroids over the past three years. Fortunately..or otherwise, you'll be reading about Love Live! Sunshine!!'s Watanabe You instead of the King of Knights yet again in this post.

Fun fact: You's Nendoroid was sold out everywhere in Tokyo (in Akihabara and Nakano at least) a year ago and secondhand pieces were going for more than double its usual retail price, talk about scary. It didn't matter much to me considering I pre-ordered it but if you'd like to make a pretty penny the next time you're in the Land of the Rising Sun, you know what to do.
The packaging won't be standing out anytime soon, having the same size, features and even colour scheme - the sides bear each member's unique image colour, i.e mandarin orange for Chika, blue for You, etc - as the 17 other Nendoroids from the Love Live! franchise. And like the other 17, they're all wearing the same outfit from the first opening theme; Bokura wa Ima no Naka De for μ’s and Aozora Jumping Heart for Aqours. The cost definitely reflects this, with You's Nendoroid setting you back only 3241 yen. I've no qualms parting with the money, she's easily my favourite character out of the 9 from Love Live! Sunshine!!'s Aqours.

It's the same story after taking a look at the different interchangeable parts in the blister packaging. However, the accessories make for much more dynamic poses compared to the μ’s Nendoroids. As a nod to the fans, You's pair of glasses as seen in the first season of the anime is thrown in. The second faceplate features her winking and smiling and it's probably the one I think most people would stick with. And if you're wondering, yes you can re-create her iconic saluting pose. The two parts on the top left of the blister pack probably gave that away though. So far so good!

I'm not sure whether my eyes were playing tricks on me or if it's because of my room's bright lighting but Good Smile Company knocked it out of the park with You's sculpting and painting. There is nary a misstep in the paint job, with no mistakes even in tiny areas such as the shoes and wristband. You's hair was perfectly sculpted, easily achieving a tousled look. The quality control that went into the product is evident and I hope Good Smile Company continues to maintain this level or even exceed it as they expand their line of Nendoroids.

If you've read my other Nendoroid unboxings, I'm hardly the most creative when it comes to posing these figurines. I've decided to stick with one of the sample poses on the back of the box yet again and I doubt I'll ever change it, like my other Nendoroids on display. On the bright side, this was probably the fastest one I assembled and posed, other than Gilgamesh where the bulk of the time was spent figuring out which weapon went into which part of his Gate of Babylon piece. Although You's Nendoroid was admittedly a run-of-the-mill one, it was an improvement compared to the μ’s line of Nendoroids. I do hope Good Smile Company spices up their inevitable training outfit ones down the road via the addition of more dynamic accessories or unique bases, maybe? In the meantime, I'll be waiting patiently for the premiere of the Love Live! Sunshine!! movie come January next year.

Written by ET

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