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Hello August!

Hello readers. August is here, like it or not! The long weekend is fast approaching for many of us. The Golden Jubilee of Singapore has bestowed upon the people with an extra public holiday - that is on the 7th of August, Friday. There is no doubt that the celebrations this year will scale grander heights. I just need to figure out some alternative, because the idea of getting sandwiched with human traffic has long past my tolerant years. Besides, a lot of major roads are blocked, affecting bus routes and travel plans. On one occasion, I was in a bus for nearly two hours with half of that time being stranded in the middle of chaos. Gosh, I no longer remember how the situation was many years ago, but apparently I could better manage my temperament as my younger self.

Summer is still bursting with soaring temperatures, festivals and interesting anime. Speaking of natsu matsuri, Snoopy Japan has recently released its wallpaper for August. It features a part of the Peanuts gang donned in yukata and enjoying the fireworks while indulging in yummy shaved ice. Talk about creativity and integration! I so wish that I could experience natsu matsuri. Just the idea of wearing a yukata and walking around the stalls in wooden sandals is enticing enough. I need an instant portal that could teleport me to Japan just about now. Candied apples, yakisoba, fried squid, shaved ice...oh my gosh, my mouth just watered uncontrollably. Well, I'm certain that there are other delicious stuff which have crossed my mind.  

Oh, squid...I mean, Gou! Quite unfortunately, I'm in dire need of more titles to sample and such in the anime department. Well, four may seem like a lot to others (and I don't disagree) but when they become the only things that you can watch, that is a completely different situation. Meanwhile, perhaps I could try compiling a list of anime titles that feature squid and candied apples. That would be refreshing. And a side of yakisoba as well. Okay, I think that I'm going to start finding something edible around the house anytime soon.

A few classmates from Japanese class have suggested catching the live-action 'Attack on Titan' which comes out on 13th of August. I had only caught a glimpse of the trailer by accident quite a while back, but from the looks of it I have to say that I'm rather impressed despite having no knowledge of the franchise. Nonetheless, if the movie outing materialises, I suppose that I should give it a go. Speaking of which, I didn't manage to catch Assassination Classroom. Boo-hoo! To think that I actually fancy Koro-sensei. Gomennasai.

I realise that it has been quite long since I last did a cardio-(un)friendly playlist. Fret not, the jukebox is still playing though. I mean, there is just no way to live without music! I just need a little more time to sort out the space for the latest titles. For the time being, how about a little teaser featuring the ending theme song of one of my favourite anime? Gosh, music, music and more music! In this case, a little Tutti!!

Okay, I believe that there should be a little more power kicking in by now. I'm looking forward to digging up the trenches for this month. Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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