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Figure Review: Kousaka Honoka START;DASH (SEGA)

This version of Honoka is definitely not one of my favorites, but the song that features this version is. START;DASH is an upbeat song that I still listen to sometime, even after so long! Sadly, I don't really fancy that outfit of the song.

The base is a little more unique than a circle, but some pattern is added and lifted. Pink that matches Honoka's outfit color was also used to make the name of the series. This base keeps Honoka well and stable and the increase in propping due to the base also makes her taller, and she is already quite large for a prize figure!

Posing and Assembly

A 360 of Honoka!

I'm very sure that she was in this pose somewhere in the song, but I can't really remember where she was in that pose, bit I definitely recall seeing her in it before. Perhaps it is time to watch the PV of it again?

One leg raised in the air is an extremely idol pose, but I'm afraid it might cause some stability issues in the long run. As for now, she's still safe and standing upright,

Assembly is still the same as usual, and just placing the figure itself onto the base and aligning the pegs.

Sculpting and Painting
The outfit is well made and kept very close to the original. The zip is fully sculpted out and the buttons around are made in a straight alignment and are all of similar size. Unfortunately, there is no shading on either the zip of the buttons.

The skirt  and ruffles at the neck area are well made and flared out. However, there is minimal shading as well. The white underskirt isn't very detailed but it matches the folds on he upper pink layer.

The huge bow on her chest is very attention-grabbing and adds a cute value to this figure.
Now about her boots, I'm glad that there is a crease sculpted in. The lack of shading here makes her shoes look warm and suitable for winter instead, which doesn't really match how her sleeveless outfit feels. Whether this gap is good or not, I can't decide yet.

I like the idea that the shoes have straps and buttons, which sets it apart from the more simplistic outfit as her boots now has slight details. The darker pink and yellow also helps tie back to her outfit, especially with the yellow button.
And last but not the least, Honoka's face! The sculpt of her hair and shape of her face is, like I have pointed out, not the best one but I love the shade of her eyes. It makes her look really lively!

I wouldn't recommend this figure to anyone except those who want a memento of the song, or if you want a large figure. She is very tall. over 20cm, and looms over the rest of my more regular sized prize figures.

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