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Singapore Changi Airport (with Emperor Dear Daniel)

Konnichiwa, I am Emperor Dear Daniel! I have just had a fight with my Empress, so on impulse I have escaped from the Imperial Palace and travelled at lightning speed to Singapore, where a friend has offered to cheer me up for a bit. As I am actually unable to ditch my imperial duties, I can't remain in Singapore for too long. But a break is still a break! So, my friend has suggested the airport, or more specifically Singapore Changi Airport.

My, what a grand place this is! My friend has told me about the airport - we are actually in Terminal 3 right now, with quite a spread of wonderful shops and corners for passengers and visitors alike. The second basement has several eateries and a big supermarket. Hmm, I have never bought groceries and such in my whole life. The cream puffs look delicious though!

I am very impressed with the architecture - just look at those high ceilings! I don't use the airport when I travel for official business or leisure, so Departures and Arrivals are actually foreign to me. My friend says I would probably come from Haneda if I were to fly over to Singapore. 

Unfortunately, nobody can bring these little toys home, can they? I remember when my own architects first approached me with the blueprints of the palace and its surroundings, I was so mesmerised by how intricate the details were. Besides, everything just looked so beautiful!

My friend thinks that the shops inside the departure hall are way better - doesn't the entire stretch look more inviting in some way? Since we aren't flying, we can only make do with a view from above. I love the carpeting though. Maybe I should redo the whole palace when I return.

Ah, this isn't exactly impressive - the view of the aircraft is heavily obstructed by the unfriendly windows and covers. My friend says that nothing beats watching the aircraft take off the runway, and the opportunity is long lost now. 

Hmm, looking at pretty greenery and art does calm a person down, doesn't it? I really should patch things up with my Empress after this...

How time flies! I wish that I could stay longer, but there are just some things desperately vying for my attention. Nonetheless, I have had a great afternoon! I will definitely share my impression of Singapore Changi Airport with the rest of my kingdom. Thanks for the memories! ^^

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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