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A Letter To Takamiya Naho

Dear Takamiya Naho,

Ogenki desuka? I'm a little uncertain as to where this letter would eventually turn up, thus I shall try my best to express whatever that comes to my mind with much clarity. I've always been intrigued by time, in particular the exploration of time travel. While the gist of it usually involves a human character or some, your life as a high school student has actually proved otherwise. How so, you may ask? In your special case, it is a series of letters which become the traveller. The sender and receiver are none other than you. Naturally, you will be baffled. However, that is just the beginning of a captivating adventure. Orange is the name.

The adventure quickly escalates through daily tasks and events, all of which have been set by you 10 years in the future. The first part of the letter acquaints you and your close friends with a transfer student named Naruse Kakeru. Kakeru becomes part of the clique by a friendly invitation to have lunch and walk home together after school. Murasaka Azusa brings over some delicious bread from her family's bakery. Kakeru slowly warms up to the group with a laugh. You observe everything by heart while remaining in sync with what was written in the letter. Although you are still rather uncertain by the sheer existence (you even thought that it was a prank at first), the unfolding gradually pieces what lies ahead awaiting all of you. Do you remember the date? It's April 6th.

Nonetheless, the apprehension continues to manifest during situations as designated in the rest of the letters. The glaring twist presents itself in the most shocking manner possible. Tragedy becomes inevitable yet that is when the 16 year-old you finally realises the ulterior wish which has come from the future. As a 26 year-old, you are living with a regret that you would like to erase as time rewinds to where the letters were sent. It turns out that your friends have also received letters from their future selves with the same purpose. The most precious friend that was in Kakeru is now yearning to be rescued.

Orange is undoubtedly not an easy journey to walk through. However, I still find quite a comfortable contrast in the episodes. The stories are tragic yet beautiful, mysterious yet familiar. You, Kakeru, Azusa, Takako, Saku and Hiroto...the wonderful times that all of you have spent together aren't in vain despite the cruel odds. Even though the future selves are determined to attempt an alternative, just how far would the effects carry forth? Would Kakeru be able to spend his lost 10 years with all of you? The future selves could still resume their daily lives except that there would always be a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Who wouldn't wish for the haunting pain to go away for good? In any case, I'm rooting for you to take the right path once the road ahead splits up.

Nobody can say for sure how coming-of-age feels like until it really comes. While your life before then is already filled with challenges, may it also be something which provides the closure that you in the future is searching for with your friends. Naturally, I can't wait to continue this incredible journey. Thank you for sharing the adventure. Ogenki de.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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