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Audio Only? - The Case For Drama CDs (´-`).。oO( ... )

Drama CDs.

Put it roughly and it’s an anime without the visuals. What’s so great about that right? We want to see the moe faces! The explosive action! The almost kisses (and the actual kisses)! The tense expressions! That’s right we want to see the character designs! From the lemons to the melons (*cough cough*), to the flick of that perfect bishounen’s hair. Not to mention the animations in the opening and ending songs, not just one liners of title reading in those drama CDs.

Well, I guess you do have a point, considering that if the Japanese language eludes you probably would be thinking if drama CDs are worth your time at all. But hopefully I can change your mind about drama CDs~^^

Here’s the best thing about drama CDs, they often contain scenes that are not in the anime. Yes, granted there are a few that seem like a repetition of the anime condensed into fifteen minute of episodic dialogue, most drama CDs are of the omake (outtakes or short sides) nature. They are (mostly) hilarious and also give insight to either the character’s backstories or just daily banter and interactions that don’t make the final cut for the anime. If the anime originated from a light novel, you can be sure to find the special chapters of the light novel fully voiced as well. Oh, not to mention the large amounts of fan service. Like colossal amounts of fan service… Fancy Kaname or Zero (from Vampire Knight) talking you to sleep? Yep… wish granted. (Not that I listened to them…or anything…>>) 

Rin and Gou~ Fan art from drama CDs
Without the visuals, drama CDs give you the space to visualise the scenes in your heads, from the scenery to what the characters are wearing to the expressions they have on their faces, having not to focus on a picture lets you fully think about the words and what’s going on in the story. Perhaps spawn some fan art or even some fanfictions. (Maybe you’d have to read the translations if you don’t know Japanese but it is still a more minimalistic way to enjoying a story. Creativity and imagination yes?) 

It’s even better if the seiyuus (voice actors) for the drama CD are good. Since you can only listen to the seiyuus to imagine the mood and expression of the characters, it really helps you pick out the better seiyuus from the good ones. The difference might be minimal, and after listening for some time, you’d realise that some voices just stand out above the rest. Or you’d just be distracted by the sexy voices constantly sounding in your ear…ah haha.

Last thing about drama CDs, since they are probably much cheaper than anime to produce, most likely that manga or light novel you’re reading already has a drama CD released, sometimes released together with the weekly/monthly magazine they are published in. Not only that, but independent studios also produce numerous drama CD, so that’s a whole other medium to discover the wonderful world of Japanese media culture. Though whether or not the drama CDs you are interested in are translated is another thing.

Nevertheless, drama CDs shouldn’t be overlooked and deserve a chance to be heard! (The ones that have translations can mostly be found here.)


/slinks back to listening to drama CDs

Written by Neko

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