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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, readers of Milkcananime! I spent most of the eve away from the zombies...I mean, party-goers who didn't mind the catastrophic aftermath of the final countdown (?). I heard a bit of the fireworks from the neighbours though. There were no soba noodles waiting at the table, although I did gulp down a can of ice-cream soda known as Gabu Gabu!. Well, I'm not making any resolutions, however I've got some ideas of what I would like to write on in the first month of 2015, more or less. These gems were pretty much discovered at random while browsing around aimlessly (?). Shall we proceed? By the way, let us all have a great year ahead! :)

The Internet is a godsend, for a lot of stuff that appear here were sprouted from scattered seeds by the wonders of advanced technology. While attempting to figure out what the inner voice was telling me, a picture of three high school girls with the middle holding out a plate of omu rice (oh my gosh) with the words 'Meshi agare' - bon appetit! in Japanese - squeezed out of a ketchup bottle greeted me. Turned out that a brand new anime would be premiering really soon! Titled 'Koufuku Graffiti' or 'Happy Cooking Graffiti', the series will kick off from the second week of January. Oh, did I mention that it is an adaptation of a four-panel manga by mangaka Kawai Makoto? Whee! I'm so looking forward to this.

Ranked #15 in the Otokohen of 'Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2015' is 'Orange' by mangaka Takano Ichigo. Coincidentally, I'd stumbled across this series during one of those visits at Books Kinokuniya. I was drawn to one of the lines on the obi which read: I have a lot of regrets as a 26 year-old (pardon my imperfect translation). A quick glimpse at the synopsis revealed the beginnings of a tragic yet beautiful, mysterious yet familiar coming-of-age story. The best bit about this whole series (in my opinion) is that there is a time-travel element! Double whee!

The jukebox is also on the lookout to replenish fuel to kickstart the new year. I can't imagine life without music! There is a faint but inviting light at the other end of the tunnel. I wonder what choices the jukebox would go for this time? Say, how many readers have watched 'Stand By Me Doraemon'? Hata Motohiro has such a warm, soothing voice, hasn't he? That was one of the rare moments where I actually wished that my tear ducts could be a little more vulnerable. Anyway, I hope to be able to dig up a trench of character songs as well. My admiration for voice actors hasn't dwindled!

I need to keep up (or at least try to) with Team Sohoku and its rivals in the Inter-High tournament. I've lost quite a bit of momentum along the steep climbs and such. The franchise is still bursting with new energy as I came across something interesting at Books Kinokuniya the other day. Apparently, there is a collection of side stories featuring some of the characters during their rookie days titled 'Spare Bike'. The first person on the list is Makishima-senpai! His social awkwardness comes into light as the pages flip past that big hole he made on the club's wall. I don't think that I will even attempt to follow the manga proper, since at last count there are 332 rides in all.

I'm really thankful to be writing into the new year. I'm glad that my brains are still functioning (?) despite the bumps and such. May creative juices continue to flow like the river in 2015!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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