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Cafe Without Coffee

It was a rather sluggish Thursday afternoon. The scorching weather felt like an iron chain attached to my legs as my vision wandered about for a certain commercial building that was well-shrouded in mystery from the conventional crowd. Thankfully, my memory had served me well. Right at the open space in the middle of UE Square was a flea market populated by several different stalls selling a broad range of items. However, I already had my eyes on Cafe Without Coffee.

Two beautiful couples greeted me as I approached one of the tables. Aren't the penguins and pigs cute? Romance isn't limited to just mankind! The sweet lovelies ushered me to the little packets and tubs of pineapple tarts. I simply couldn't resist those sinful ingots lying by the side! Anyway, a little zoo of animals was desperate for some attention. There was a cookie rabbit, a winking monkey that adored Hello Kitty, a fortune sheep, a couple of cats, and a hippopotamus. Cuteness Overload checked!

Standing proudly in front of some home-baked cookies were two pairs of fortune cats awaiting to bless their owners with prosperity in the upcoming Chinese New Year. The fortune cats had paved a way for these beautiful tissue holders all hand-made from Japanese fabric. Those animal motifs seemed to be pleading: Take us home! Cherry blossoms and candies padded quietly behind.

Gosh, somebody had left their breakfast on the bench! For reasons unknown, a couple of playful clouds had stopped by to keep the little trio company. The rainbow stole a quick glance at the thoughtful burger. A dreamy watermelon chuckled at the flap of a checkered elephant. A shy snail refused to be photographed despite its striking features.

Doraemon and Doraemon invited me to a game of hide-and-seek from their cosy hideout - a passport cum red packet holder. Naturally, the owls weren't too pleased with the intrusion. The litters of cats didn't seem to mind though. As their playground was out of my league, I detoured to the peak of the mountain - a bouquet of flowers peacefully overlooking a sleeping cat. Apparently, the cat had intended to sleep till Valentine's. When would the sweet lovers' lullaby be heard? Then again, that would make a completely different story if the cat ever opened its eyes...

Time passed by really quickly in just a few blinks of the eyes, and I had to bid all the little lovelies farewell as my next destination beckoned. I made a promise to return someday. In fact, Cafe Without Coffee will stop by the National Museum of Singapore on the 7th and 8th of February. Thank goodness for flea markets. By the way, those cookies and pineapple tarts were absolutely delicious! One of the passport cum red packet holders also made its way to my mother's room. Oh, if anybody has some time to spare between 12 noon and 6pm on 30th of January (Singapore time), Cafe Without Coffee will be stationed at UE Square for another day! All the merchandise are hand-made with lots of love, and peppered with hints of Japanese goodness. Interested readers may wish to visit its official website or Facebook page for more details!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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