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Gaming all day long...

YAY! I have finally POPed. Since I was sick for my BMT’s POP, experiencing this one made my NS experience a little better. Now in my unit, I’m back to what I did in polytechnic. Filming and editing videos. Yes, I joined the media team in my vocation, which means I get to experience a lot of things. But looking at the schedule given, I have a sense of dread of what’s to come further down the line, especially since my seniors are going to ORD soon. 

But despite a busy schedule, I still make time to play games. Since I had bought a PS4, I might as well use it rather than letting my sister use it to watch K-pop idol’s videos using MY Youtube account or watch dramas on the television screen. Not that I mind any of it.

Recently, I had finally finished Tales of Zestiria and OH MY GOD! What is with that final boss fight!? I died 37 times just to finally get to another boss fight. I had to do trial and error and gauge who to use first, who deals the most damage, who is useless in that short time frame. It took to me too long to take him down. 

But I at least enjoyed the story though. The ending was bittersweet as some ships didn't sail and also the amount of sacrifices in the game is just... 

I remember saying goodbye before every shot I took.

Nier; Automata came out recently and I’ve been spending a lot of my time on it. 

I was overjoyed and surprised when I got the message that my pre-order had arrived as I had thought that the game will be release on March 7. But thankfully, the Japanese version had English sub and dub in it so I can enjoy it a little bit faster. 

I mean come on 2B looks so badass, hot and the way she walks is just so sassy. I just love the character so much. 

I had thoughts of pre-ordering the Black Box edition as it comes with the figure and few other things but well, my wallet feels a bit light lately so I refrain myself from treading a path of no return. 

Plus, I still have Horizon Zero Dawn coming soon, so I have to spend my money wisely until the next paycheck comes in which is in a week. 

I’m going to spend hours just exploring and looking at the world in that game. I just can’t wait for it to be release. A few more hours.

Another thing I did was selling my copy of Fate/Extella and buying the Noble Phantasm edition of the game. When I saw the box, I just had to get it and it is one of the reasons my wallet is lighter now but man, do I love them special editions. 

Lay them all together backwards, they form your command seals

Just having one makes you feel better.

There’s just too many good games coming out this year that some games I just can’t get to, like my copy of Gravity Rush 2. And I was so excited for it too. I need to divide my time more wisely now, especially since I am able to go back home every day. What to play?

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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