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Rice! Rice! Rice!

Hi there! Ah, don't mind me having a little rice here. Hmm, this tastes really great on its own! Yeah, many people I know would be contented with just a simple bowl of fluffy rice. Of course, you can whip up something you fancy with rice. There are so many possible dishes with this global staple, and gosh I think I am getting hungrier from just thinking about it!

Oh, this is rather embarrassing! My love for rice is often interpreted as an obsession, but honestly I can't think of anybody who wouldn't at some point attempt something like this. Shove, shove, shove...hmm, freshly cooked rice is indeed a step into heaven! Ah, sorry! What was I talking about again? Oh, rice dishes! Sure, I have a few ideas for you.

Make onigiri with your favourite fillings, or just simply sprinkle salt over the rice for an original flavour. You can't go wrong with this lunchtime, picnic or party favourite! A few pieces of onigiri can easily satisfy the stomach, and leave a fond memory on the taste buds. Hmm, I like mine with salmon!

Omurice, anyone? This is another classic, fuss-free dish that you can do wonders with the rice. Of course, you can substitute the ketchup if it isn't your favourite. Some people would throw in generous servings of chicken, seafood, bell pepper, ham...basically, anything you feel like having at that moment! The fluffy omelette blanket is the cue that it is nearly time to eat! Again, you don't need to write your name, your darling's name or draw a big heart with ketchup.

If you don't mind the smell and taste of raw egg, Tamago Kake Gohan can be another simple yet refreshing dish to complement your soup, main and side dishes! Mixing the egg and rice requires a little skill here, especially when the bowl is filled to the brim. But it should be a little easier than natto, I guess?

Of course, you can also add a lot of water to make delicious porridge on days that you are feeling edgy and such. Just some simple seasoning like salt or chicken broth, and the porridge is good to eat! You can also crack an egg for extra nutrition.

This would be a real treat after a long day at work or school! Yeah, fried rice! These days, anything is possible in the world of fried rice. If you are feeling super generous, you can use roast chicken, shredded crab meat, squid rings, mushrooms...ah, just don't forget the egg please! I can't imagine why people would skip the egg in fried rice!

Also, if you happen to have little packets of furikake lying around, sprinkle over the rice for a flavourful bite. You can also make warm, delicious ochazuke with those! It is perfect for people burning the midnight oil, or just feeling a little unmotivated.


Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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