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Marche Movenpick

Last night, Angela’s uncle (Tito) visited Singapore for a conference here in Health Science Authority. He works for the World Health Organisation and what he does is that he researches new cure for diseases and present papers in different countries. Much like what Brad Pitt does in World War Z I guess? I hope he can prevent the Zombie Apocalypse so that I need not worry about saving money to build a Zombie-proof safe house located in a small island.

Since he hasn’t tried Marche Movenpick before, we decided to head to Somerset and buy him dinner. I was famished by 7pm until my order of grilled Salmon came plus the popular Rosti (potato) and Crepes. Great food and company! I always feel like I'm in Europe whenever I dine at Marche.

I’ll leave you with some of the pics here including some pretty architectures along Orchard Road.

 Tito Boyet, Angela and Me

 We took a stroll along Orchard Road

 The new Apple Store

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