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Candied Apples, Yakisoba and Squid

Anybody counting down to the long Golden Jubilee weekend? A bunch of rowdy school kids had been doing just that in the middle of the crowded train. Frankly, I don't remember the last time when I was just as excited for the holidays. Maybe I was never that excited, since in my school days I was probably too broke to head out anywhere. Even when I could, I didn't think that there would be much to do in town. Anyway, I'm still thinking of where to go and what to do. Did I mention that some friends would be away for the holidays? Nope, I don't have envy spelt on my forehead. Okay, here is my article that unfortunately (?) has got nothing to do with the long weekend, but features some candied apples, squid and yakisoba! 

Hmm, delicious! In case anybody is wondering, that was Nozaki-kun taking a bite out of Chiyo's candied apple. The entire gang had turned up at the natsu matsuri, though not in one big group. Chiyo was donned in a pretty yukata while Nozaki-kun wore plain clothes. Okay, I believe that he was wearing his school uniform. Anyway, there was also some delicious looking yakisoba being consumed by Wakamatsu before he was spotted by Yuzuki. While I have never eaten a candied apple in my life, I'm rather familiar with yakisoba. Some came with a little too much cabbage, and the chunks would be largely half-cooked. Also, the seasoning varied. I suppose that it requires more than just tossing around the noodles with those cute spatulas.  

Ooh, a yakisoba bread! I had the opportunity to try a yakisoba bread from a Japanese bakery several months back. It felt both refreshing and strange when I first sunk my teeth into the bread. Well, I wouldn't have imagined such a combination to be possible in the first place. The bread was undoubtedly tasty, despite the occasional suicide attempts from the loose pieces of cabbage. Here, Mio got her very own customised yakisoba bread. I think that I would prefer mine to be stuffed inside an omelette, the yakisoba I mean. Top that with some fancy drizzles of mayonnaise and ketchup...oishii! I believe that the second basement of Takashimaya Shopping Centre sells something like that.  

As for squid, it has to be from one of my favourite anime, Free!! Gou and her friend Hana were seen with some, and Nagisa told a rather baffled Rei about the different variations of squid dishes in the bazaar. Oh, there were also some interesting activities like squid ink calligraphy. Well, when squid ink is concerned, only pasta comes to mind! I have a love-hate relationship with squid ink pasta though. Anyway, the true nature of the gang's visit was to lighten up Haruka's mood from the tournament. However, Rin and Nitori were approaching from the other end. Coincidentally (?), there were candied apples around as well. I think that they make a wonderful combination!

While browsing around, I have found some other screenshots of anime titles that featured candied apples and yakisoba. Readers may be familiar with these:

Log Horizon


Daily Lives of High School Boys

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Gosh, now I'm drooling at those pictures! I wish that I could have some of those right now!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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