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I want an imouto!

The imouto character has always been something that I adore in my life. Although I have sisters, they have strayed towards the other path leading to K culture. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Korean shows or culture. I just don’t have much interest in it.

Watching a lot of different anime has left me with a variety of impressions on what imouto I would like to have that I would absolutely dote and care for (not that I don’t care about my current ones) and also maybe one that I might fear (?) I’ve decided to put together a list of imoutos that I would like to have and please keep in mind that I won’t cross the line with this. I want an imouto. Not a lifetime in prison. I am also keeping it to actual imoutos, blood related or not to the main protagonist of their following anime. Should I keep it to five? Or ten perhaps? I’ll put five up for now. This is going to be hard to choose.


There are five picks but the position for the second and third place are tied as I couldn’t decide on who in which. Let’s count down and start with the third so I can make a grand reveal for my first choice.

In third place, we have Akari Acura from Hitsugi no Chaika 

Little Akari is so cute!

and Shiro from No Game No Life. 

So we have both the genius and the dunce. They’re wacky and entertaining to watch, just like their personality as well as their antics. 

Aren't you entertained?
Both irresistibly attractive in their own way. Both differs from each other from their personality to their sizes (ahem…) but have one thing in common. They like to tease their older brother which I find really entertaining to watch as it shows how close of a relationship they have with each other which isn’t the situation with my sisters. Both sisters supports the brother as best as they can and being careful not to burden him which I find touching and really envious. Why aren’t my sister like that? Wait. I take that back. I don’t want a genius sister as that would make me look bad. My pride and mentality is at stake. And having a dunce, as a sister would increase my stress levels dangerously high. I am lucky the world isn’t governed by the sibyl system or I would be in jail or probably have myself paint the wall red.

Second place goes to sisters from the same anime that serve as one of the main reasons I watch it. The “Fire Sisters”, in other words, Araragi Karen 

I like the ponytail Karen best...

and Araragi Tsukihi. 

The multiple hairstyles of Platinum Tsukihi

The bee and the phoenix are the comedic d- Oops. I mean the justice duo that most people might fear to have as a sister since one practices martial arts while the other has a short fuse. They share similar traits to the previous picks where they really don’t want to burden their brother and try to avoid getting him involve at all costs. But no matter how hard they try, it’s hard for a brother to look the other way when they’re in pain (Salutes to Koyomi). Ahh… Such cute sisters.

And in first place… (drumroll SFX) Hikigaya Komachi from Yahari Ore no Seishuun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. She is such a perfect imouto whom any brother can rely on in any situation. 


She can cook, can give good advice, cares for her brother and much more. But most importantly, she’ll call her brother onii-chan (such importance). Her bright and cheerful personality is a good balance for my negative demeanor, exactly like her actual brother in the anime. Ah… I don’t even need to work or get married. I could just depend on a sister like her. However tempting that may be, I won’t bully my sister since I don’t want her to cry. I won’t forgive such sins even if it was done by me. Oh, and her nasally voice is just so wonderful. Imagine being woken up by her. “Onii-chan, asa dayo~ Hayakku okiro!”


Hngg~! They are so irresistibly cute! I just want to cuddle them and keep them in glass cases for me to admire and so that they won’t catch dust. I want them all. It reminds me of Baby Princess and Sister Princess with the amount of sisters, except that they have lots more.

Is there a possibility to change my sisters to match my list?

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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2 comments to ''I want an imouto!"

  1. The Truth Has Been Spoken!
    Thanks for being a representative to people-who-don't-have-imoutos... I, too want to have a cute little sister... It hurts, that I don't have one... Now, I'm waiting for when VRMMORPGS will be out so I'll make a NPC be my imouto! :3

    *whispers; "Or Let's go kidnap one...."

    1. Umm... Kidnapping is hard work and the plan has to be flawless. Plus, not being financially stable at the moment is a disadvantage. I mean the imouto have their needs and wants and bringing it up to my parents would make them think I am a pervert. I don't think my kokoro can withstand society's harsh stare and insults even if I'm pessimistic. I also would rather not get into trouble with the cops, so maybe I'll just ask my parents to get it on. I mean it's an easier solution but there are several drawbacks to that. Expenses have to be cut short, living space have to be divided, plus sleepless nights.


      I'll just hope and pray for one to drop down from the sky.
      Or just rely on game imoutos...
      Or treat my younger cousins or neighbours as one...
      The imouto world is difficult...