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March: Accel Star

Hello readers, another few days before we bid farewell to lovely March; the days just love sneaking past us while our routines get going. The first quarter of the year will soon hold the door for the next quarter to begin. Springtime represents the beginning, has cherry blossoms waiting to make people happy, and sparks off a little envy from the rest who don't have the pleasure of experiencing such. Yeah, easily put I'm talking about myself. An old classmate is in Japan for several days; it seems like a routine to him though. Another acquaintance will be flying over in due time. Suddenly (for the lack of a better word), a lot of people have plans to escape to Japan. Quite unfortunately, I don't know anybody well enough to be thick-skinned and ask for an omiyage.

Anyway, it is time for a little sharing on tennis. Yeah, tennis. The sport which I don't usually and will never easily associate myself with is gracing today's entry in a rather refreshing way. Nope, I haven't signed up for tennis lessons or bought some fancy racket at a clearance sale. So, why tennis? I attribute that derailment to a brand new manga which has caught my eyes and heart. From manga artist Hana comes Accel Star, a refreshing story about tennis. But how does it link up since I don't even consider myself a tennis enthusiast? The cover art. Yeah, once again I have judged a book by its cover. In a positive way. Well, there was a little struggling here and there for a while. I was hoping that amidst the confusion there would be a beam of light somewhere for guidance. In the end, there wasn't anything. But I got the book anyway.

I would like to believe that something wonderful is brewing in an invisible cauldron as I begin savouring this newfound sparkling gem. The synopsis brings about a promising story of a young boy called Matsuri who has a burning passion towards tennis, all thanks to an old racket among the toys which were given to him as a kid by others as his family was too poor to afford much. Also, Matsuri's parents were sickly and had passed away one after the other. There is something about tennis that drives a permanent boost into him. A video tape of a tennis match in Wimbledon had further escalated those feelings. Matsuri dreams of becoming the World's Number One tennis player.

Naturally, with every aspiration comes a setback or the whole lot of them. For Matsuri, he had been bullied as a kid for his old racket and such by the well-to-do kids who practiced their tennis on a supposed private court. While Matsuri would understand the importance of proper equipment, his situation back then had no place for him to realise those yearnings. Even so, with that old racket Matsuri never gave up the slightest opportunity to play tennis. After his parents' passing, he becomes the foster child of his relatives who are just as loving if not more so as his family. His foster parents would eventually present him with something unexpected which easily triggers yet another fire.

That is pretty much what I have read until so far. The story is adequately balanced and shifts effortlessly to and fro different arcs. Well, it makes a refreshing change though I'm still not tempted to play tennis. Reading manga is a lot easier and less stressful on the nerves. Then again, I'm not even the least athletic to take up a sport. Believe me, I had tried badminton, ping pong, volleyball, basketball and soccer back during my school days. I just want to say that I was very lucky to be alive. Anyway, Accel Star is a wonderful companion on a lazy day. The banter between Matsuri and those stuck-up kids just kills me.

Read more manga. Watch more anime (even though there is nothing on that today). Have more fun.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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