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One Piece Trafalgar Law's Submarine Microblocks

My addiction for building nano/microblocks continue and this time I intend to challenge myself to build something bigger. I had bought this One Piece Trafalgar Law's Submarine as I like yellow colours. It has 728 pieces, which has a lot more than the average 200 pieces regular figures. It took me 5 nights to complete the ship but overall it was time well spent, although one of the night I nearly fell asleep with my fingers still holding the tiny blocks. Nanoblocks building makes you focus and keeps stress away.

Looking at this instruction paper can be daunting. For starters, I advise you to start with the regular 200 pieces nanoblocks so that you get yourself familiar with the steps in building one. Then slowly progress to larger nanoblocks.

This is how the box for One Piece Trafalgar Law's Submarine looks like.

After the unboxing, no time is wasted as I proceed to Step 1; that is building the base of the submarine.

 Look at the brilliant colours...

This comes with a special black piece that looks like parts of the engine for the ship.

Once I see such special piece, I immediately go searching for the other one as I'm afraid they may missed out packing in. Fortunately, there are 2 which goes to both sides of the submarine.

 I'm building from the base up...

 Slotting in the transparent little windows...

There are many "single-dot" blocks which are kind of fun as I stack them on top of one another.

 It's time to build the flag...

I was short of a few red pieces which the maker missed out. Having no choice, I used the yellow ones instead. Thus, there is a flaw in my submarine. I have learnt that one may get some error when getting nanoblocks. I also discover that after buying many different sets of nanoblocks, the leftovers can be used in case of short fall.

It (the pole) cannot get easier than that...

 The different parts are done. Getting ready to join them together.

Here's the tail section. Notice the odd blue layer (4th layer from bottom)? Again, I was short of white so I used the extra blue nanoblocks.

Finally, I have completed the One Piece submarine with some extra pieces. The length of the ship is slightly smaller than my palm size so it does not take up a lot of space.

Some pictures with different angels showing this beautiful yellow submarine.

 The imperfect red-black-yellow flag.

It is amazing how the creator is able to make One Piece Submarine into buildable nanoblocks with such brilliant colours and fine details. I felt a sense of accomplishment after seeing the completed ship siting on my desk.

Written be Max

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3 comments to ''One Piece Trafalgar Law's Submarine Microblocks"

  1. You know, you may have used the wrong colour in the first step. It should have been black instead of red. Maybe that's why you have missing red pieces for the flag.

    Anyway, awesome review. I got set for myself after seeing your post. It just looked like so much fun! And i did have have building it! ;)

    1. Yup, it could have been. Anyway which boat or character did you get for yourself?

    2. The same law submarine set :)