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3 Lighter, Softer, Fluffier Gundam

The word “Gundam” brings to mind giant robots, hyper-powered, hot-blooded pilots and plenty of lasers and smoke. In other words, it a supercharged shounen anime franchise.

That’s not to say they completely neglect their female fanbase, while not exactly light, soft and fluffy, below are 3 mobile suit designs we are quite sure are geared for the ladies, we also have a bonus Mobile Suit if you scroll to the end!

Rozen Zulu

The Rozen Zulu is the epitome of badass-beautiful. Yes, it may be pink and purple all over and yes, I know it sports a pretty gorgeous pair of pumps on its mechanical feet, but just look at those claws!

Those long, sharp barbs of death will clearly do well at transfigurating enemy mobile suits into a pile of scrap metal and circuitry, but they are also enhanced with Mega Beam Cannons so that this gorgeous suit can kick metal in both melee and ranged situations. Pretty sweet huh?

Quebely Papillion

While I admit that those colours are not exactly up my ally, design-wise Quebely Papillion is still pretty stunning behold. It still has pretty old-school Quebely influences (I'm glaring at the gigantic shoulder pads), except that it was designed to look like a knight, it even holds and nice little lance. While lances are good for melee, they wouldn’t be too beneficial when it comes to long-ranged combat.

But that’s okay becase mobiles suits blow up the moment they approach it. This is, of course, courtesy of more ammunition dispensed from the Papillion’s invisible funnels. It looks like a knight and blows stuff up in the most stealthy way possible. Charming.

 The Bearguy

The Bearguy is a favourite among both female and male collectors simply because it is a mechanized giant bear carrying a Randoseru. With Vulcan guns mounted in its ears and a mega particle gun in it’s right arm, this might as well be the dictionary definition of cute but lethal. 

The Bonus W.T.F: Weird Terrifying Find

Brace yourselves for...

The Nobel Gundam

It’s a Gundam, in a sailor fuku, sporting a pair of the most spectacular Louboutin-esque pumps. It is at once terrifying and wondrous to behold and I’ll leave to take in it’s appearance.

This one comes from the memetic G-Gundam, a series known for chronically putting out utterly disproportionate, weird and ultimately wacky machines.

Like this one.

I hear Denmark still takes offence at it till this day.

Written by: Ash

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