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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid #358: Saber Extra (Good Smile Company)

I'm back with yet another Saber Nendoroid review, but instead of the usual ones featuring our beloved King of Knights, I'll be unboxing and reviewing Saber from Fate/Extra. She sports a completely different colour scheme and a more voluptuous figure. Heck, even her ahoge is much longer. I've reviewed a Saber Extra Nendoroid previously, featuring her white, bridal gown-esque outfit from Fate/Extra CCC. The one featured in this post has her suited up in her usual red and gold dress, as seen in the original Fate/Extra game and across the many illustrations out there.

The first thing I noticed while taking a gander at the various sample poses shown on the box would be how flamboyant Saber Extra is. This goes for the Saber Bride Nendoroid as well. There is only one mid-fight pose, compared to the numerous that are shown in a normal Saber Nendoroid. The chibi faceplate is a nice addition to the normal ones that you get too.

The blister pack didn't do a good job of containing Saber's sword this time round and I wonder if it's a quality control problem with this batch, as I saw a number of these Nendoroids having the same issue while browsing through the store. Thankfully, no damage was done to either the faceplate or the sword and the rest of the pieces were held securely in place. It's probably due to my room's lighting but the gold trimmings on Saber's dress and spare parts stood out immediately, much like the official photographs from Good Smile Company.

The gold trimming looks even better in these close ups. Like the many Nendoroids I've unboxed and reviewed, I appreciate how skilled the painters are, especially when it comes to these minute details. The frills of Saber's skirt plus her blouse's cuffs must have been a daunting task. The frosted glass effect on her skirt was a nice touch, mimicking the same effect that many scale figures use.

I'm satisfied with the final pose I managed to create and the gold and red hues stand out against the usual blue, white and silver of Artoria, much like Saber Lion and Saber Bride. 

I'm more than halfway through Fate/Extra right now and I'd have completed it by the time Fate/Extella's english version is released on the PS4 and PS Vita, unless Pokemon Sun proves to be too much of a distraction. Did I also mention that Fate/Extra is receiving an anime adaptation by SHAFT? It's a great time to be a fan of this diminutive Roman emperor!

Written by ET

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