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Remains of November 2016

Days after Pikotaro and his immensely popular PPAP video on YouTube, a latest offering that is a collaboration between him and Sesame Street Japan has surfaced. I am not passing any verdict here, but if you haven't seen the video already, make sure your mind is capable of suppressing some things before you press Play. Let's just say that Elmo and Cookie Monster aren't the same to me anymore. Anyway, it is the Anime Festival Asia weekend for many people out there. Do enjoy yourselves yeah? Looking at the news feed on my Facebook, I suppose that a happy little group is all geared up for the madness.

I haven't been keeping up with anime-watching these days. For quite a while, frankly. Then again, it is hard to find the mood for them. I bury myself in manga a lot more though. It is easier to bookmark pages than episodes. But I suppose that everything has an awkward phase, be it visible or more subconscious. Some stranger on the train was worried about the brain shrinking over time, in turn affecting the rest of the anatomy. Given the declining attention span on many things, manga might be a better option instead. Just remember to stuff a bookmark in. 

Speaking of which, I could really use a large storage facility somewhere for future, pending titles since what I have in my room is inching dangerously towards collapse. Yeah, I have nowhere else to put my books! However, manga is a weakness that I am not about to compromise on. I need that to fuel my sanity. Nope, I don't like the idea of reading manga electronically. Scanlations are fine when I am looking up information on a particular title. But the physical stuff is the only way to go to appreciate manga in its entirety. I mean, how would the manga artists feel if nobody continues to support books and such? The only downside is the sneaky rise in the retail prices of imports over here. 

Oh, I would probably sound like a frog in the well for saying this, but there is a Singaporean manga artist who has recently published a comic essay book in Japan. Yeah, in complete Japanese! The artist is Foo Swee Chin. Naturally, the word 'Singapore' which is stylised in katakana on the front cover is the surprise trigger. I have to admit that I am not familiar with Ms. Foo and her work, but to be able to publish in Japan is something which has long been a wish for many existing and aspiring artists back home. Honestly, I am so tempted to get this book. Even though I am not a manga artist, as a different type of creator I believe that her experiences would inspire and provide invaluable insights. Gosh, I am sure that there is still some space for a few more books...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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