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Six Exits

Monday morning. The Anime Matsuri opened at Funan DigitaLife Mall, and I had been given the opportunity to participate in one of the attractions this year: Six Exits. It is a horror-themed escape game from Japan, reminiscent of many popular horror series. With me in this adventure were fellow writers Zwei and Reina. Reina had a friend along as well, since the game would be better played in a party of four. Well, that was what I had thought too. But I was rather disappointed with the overall execution. I feel that the overall experience could be much, much better.

Firstly, photography wasn't allowed even for the media, so whatever that you guys are reading here requires some imagination in place to take you further into our experience in this game. Secondly, we were only granted a preview of three out of six rooms. The incompleteness was simply anti-climactic. I wish that we could have played the entirety. I shall try to re-tell to the best of my ability the limited access that we had.

Six Exits, or in our case just Three Exits, begins with a Caucasian character pleading for help over a television screen, while the players find themselves in a chained-up position at their wrists. The idea is to escape within the allocated time limit, or else. The first room had reminded me greatly of the Saw franchise, in terms of the way it was played out. The only difference was that we didn't have to mutilate ourselves or one another for the solution.  

We did retrieve the key, but we still failed the first room due to an unexpected wrong turn where a supernatural being had been waiting to scare us. Honestly, I found the scare tactics mild. There was also supposedly another key to access the second room, but no instruction of that sort was given. Anyway, off we went to the second room. It was an earful of impressive sound effects over the headphones, before the door to the third room was revealed to us.

The third room was slightly more intense and action-driven, with a plastic corpse in the middle of what looked like a surgery room. Apparently, there was a killer at large, and all of us had to quickly find a suitable place to hide before it would return. What happened next was more messing about and chilling sound effects, and a new set of instructions followed. A knife had to be found and stabbed into the back of the killer before the crazily short three-minute clock ran out. In the midst of our misadventure, the killer had appeared and tried to take our lives. By the way, it looked awfully like the Pyramid Head from Silent Hill.

As there was no more to the game for us, I couldn't help but express disappointment as I had actually looked forward to this horror-themed escape game. As such, I'm unable to provide a more favourable review.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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