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Catching up - Durarara!!, Onani Master Kurosawa and Mushoku Tensei...

Hello Internet! How’s it going? Anybody has anything to suggest eating on a rainy day? I’ve strangely picked up a habit of eating ikanbilis due to my aunt leaving a box of it around. The saltiness and crispiness of it leaves a strange but addicting taste. But I wouldn’t really consider it to be strange since I mix various foods, condiments and dishes together from time to time. Due to that, I’ve been known to be quite weird by my friends (Hey, he does have friends!) But at least I can cook unlike the rest of them. Jokes aside, How are you, the readers, been coming along? Learn anything new? Maybe found out that you have a cool skill? Or a strange habit? Maybe even something that people tell about you that you don’t even know? Well for me, I found out that school’s is starting in a few more days. NO!! My holidays are gone in a flash… WHY!?!


Let’s stay on track shall we? Welcome to another catching up post. If you don’t know, this post is more about what I’ve been doing anime, manga, game and books wise during the recent days. I have plans on doing it weekly but I don’t catch up with past anime often so I am still deciding. For now, I’ll just post this catching up segment when I stumble upon anything interesting. If you have any suggestions, then please be so inclined as to comment it. Just a warning though, it has to catch my interest within a few reads or minutes of watching it.

In today’s segment, there would be a common topic that could be found in the anime, manga or book that I talk about. It’s about relationships. Not necessarily the couple kind but more of acquaintances or friends types. Just a bond between another living thing in more laymen terms. Well, this is my point of view when reading and watching through it so you guys might not see it the way I do. Hey, we all have our own perspectives on things and I won’t argue if you guys see it in a different light. But I may prompt you in doing so.

Firstly, I completed watching Durarara!! And I can already guess that some of you guys might be surprised that I, as a fellow otaku, had not watch DRR!! yet. It didn’t really caught my interest back then so I decided to put watching it on hold when I have nothing of interest to watch. When I started watching it, it confused me a bit with its changing perspectives from characters to characters, which took time for me to get used to. 

To have a gang like that is so cool...

But I really enjoyed it in the end as it reminded me of books I read before where the author change the reader’s point of view for every chapter. If I am not wrong the books are called “Out” and “Real World” by Natsuo Kirino. 

Here's "Real World"

Both are enjoyable to read as the setting takes place in 90s Japan in the suburbs. The theme for the books is a bit dark as it falls under the crime fiction genre. It provides a different view of Japan, which is usually enshrouded by the vibrant culture. Definitely recommend picking up if you’re a reader.

Okay… the next one is a bit… umm… obscure-ish but I am sure we’re all adults here right? Onani Master Kurosawa is an interesting find that I chanced upon while I was reading some other manga. It really surprised me at first but I had some kind of idea of what I was getting into just from the title. If you still don’t get it, “Onani” stands for the act pleasuring oneself sexually or masturbation. So basically it’s “Masturbation Master Kurosawa”. When I was reading this, I thought it will be a gag manga but surprisingly it was a bit dark and it has a lesson or two to teach to the readers. The title is unfortunate but I didn’t regret reading it. I pitied the protagonist but I am happy for him as in the end it turns out for the better.

Do you guys have a favorite anime or manga? Well good for you. To be called a favorite it has to go through multiple stages of your interest. I haven’t found one yet but I found my favorite work ever. It hit so close to home that I find it hard to put it down or look away from it. “Mushoku Tensei” is such an amazing read that I wouldn’t hesitate to call it a masterpiece. Due to it being similar to something that I wrote before, it appeals to me instantly. 

Just amazing...

It is a light novel by Rifujin na Magonote (Unique name…) which is about a 30 year old NEET who died and was reincarnated into a different world where he retain his past life’s memory. I couldn’t put the novel down for days and I was finally able to refrain myself from continuing as I didn’t want it to end so fast. Putting it off and trying to negate the inevitable of its ending. It made me smile, laugh, cry, depressed, angry. It made me feel for the character so much. Putting it down made the void in my heart bigger so I had to immerse myself in something else. I don’t really know the actual size of it but until now it has 20 volumes translated, which probably means there is more to come. I know there is a manga for it since I was introduced to it through that but for now it only has 5 chapters. If it gets an anime adaptation, I would probably cry first then scream out of joy, maybe some squealing and have adrenaline rushing throughout my body. Oh God, please let there be an anime adaptation for this. I would be so delighted. I would be so thankful for it. Please let it happen.

Ah, Kami-sama...

There is also the new Kamen Rider series that just started so I am looking forward to watching it. Also with AFA in two months, saving money has never been so important. This concludes my schedule for the past two weeks. Well, other than shooting a holiday short film and being green with envy of my classmates in Japan, there is nothing else. Au revoir.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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