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Formula 1, Ineptness and Crazy Driving

Hello readers. Hope everybody is still hanging on somewhere! Can't believe that this is going to be another weekend soon, and Formula 1 is affecting major routes around City Hall. Nope, I'm not a supporter of the racing competition. We don't even have a genuine race circuit in the first place. Several years ago, while attending a night class in the vicinity during the season, the impact of those whizzing monsters was so strong that for a split second, everybody thought that an earthquake was coming. Oh, not forgetting the struggles of straining our ears to absorb the tutorials in the midst of all that madness. Anyway, the diverted traffic and such will mean considerable congestion in several areas.


Speaking of racing, many enthusiasts would probably associate that with the Initial D franchise, which I used to see a lot of gamers fawning over at the arcades. I won't ever pretend to appreciate those games, despite the feel-good rushes just from watching them conquer every stage effortlessly. The last time when I laid my hands on a steering wheel, my vehicle did some extended, fancy somersault before crashing into another gamer's prized four-wheeler. Well, I just assumed that it was precious. While generally unspoken, it should come as no surprise that gamers take virtual racing just as seriously, if not more so than the actual drivers on the roads.

If only I could play like that!

Even as a spectator, the adrenaline runs high!

Naturally, I tend to avoid such overwhelming situations, except for the odd occasion of peer pressure from...nobody in particular come to think of it, yet something must had been working in my subconscious one way or another. But there is also a way to ease the complexity of such situations. It requires a substantial deviation from the normal thought process. Basically, you discard every concern which may or may not arise during the gaming experience. You shut out your surroundings. Breathe steadily. Don't mind how the game ahead is going to turn out. Secure both hands onto the steering wheel. Look straight at the screen. Pedal the accelerator.

Just tell yourself: This is only a game!

You won't be charged for driving like a mad man!

Apparently, some games reward you for dangerous driving? (@_@)

I wish that I could shove in a disclaimer somewhere in the event where some unknowing soul decides to bombard me with the entire manual of safe driving and such. Well, for a guaranteed, unstoppable, hysterical laugh which may qualify you as a suspected mad man on the loose, more so if you happen to be the only player around, simply accelerate like nobody's business while ignoring certain glaring rules of the game, crash into your baffled opponents repeatedly throughout the course, set off a couple of huge explosions, remember to laugh (very important), demonstrate extremely appalling skills, repeat everything if time permits. By the end of this, you should be mostly stress-free!

Mario: Don't mind. I was told to replace Final Destination 4! :P

Okay, somehow all of that has reminded me of a horror movie which I'm sure many people will be familiar of but due to its grisly nature, I have to fight back the urge to share a screenshot or two. Interested readers, please google Final Destination 4.

Anyway, I wish those who are attending Formula 1 an enjoyable time. As for those who still wish to head down to City Hall over this weekend, be mindful of the turnout and such and be safe! :)

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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