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Death Note: Light up the New World

Hello hello!!

Have you guys watched the latest Death Note movie yet!!!! I was so hyped for it I actually made time and went on the second day to catch it, and even though I took the afternoon slot, the cinema was quite packed. 

I did not watch the previous movies, and to be honest, I only went for this one because Masaki Suda was acting in it, hehee. But considering the DN series were not bad, how terrible could Light up the New World fare, right?? 

And so I went into the cinema, all ready for some action and badassery, only to leave sorely disappointed. And by sorely disappointed, I meant that it was so utterly boring maybe 85% of the time was spent trying to not fall asleep. 


It started off fine, but from the very beginning my thoughts were literally just ...okay?? And as the plot progressed, the plot 'twist' was so glaringly obvious, it didn't even feel like there was any oomph when the New Kira was revealed. 

Right from the very beginning we had a DN holder who was mass killing while walking through the streets, and she ended up standing right in the middle of Shibuya crossing, giggling hysterically while scribbling names. She ended up being tranq by the New L, but was ultimately killed by the New Kira 2.0. Dumbest Award of the year goes to her; I mean, there are better ways to mass kill, like, sitting in a nearby establishment with a perfect view of Shibuya crossing would be better, no??

But it's more dramatic this way, so okay, fine.

so dumb so fast dead
the one who was tranq
the one who did the tranq
the one who killed the dumb
Note how I mentioned New Kira and new Kira 2.0? Yep, to summarize the whole boring movie into one line: New Kira 2.0 hunts for New Kira while New L is a prick and not that much of a detective. And to think they call him the world's best. 

New Kira, New L
New Kira 2.0
final 'battleground'
Or that's how it felt like to me, at least. A couple of my friends watched the movie as well, and they all were pretty disappointed with it as well. I mean, the trailer was so hyped, so dramatic, so intense, and the actual film was just.. meh. 

Light up the New World is plain. I would say the only good part was watching New Kira 2.0 hunt down the New Kira, and the way he manipulated Misa to do his bidding + the way he used his own death note to collect the other death notes.

both qt
MISA IZ BACK (i like her clothes lmao)
But other than that, I felt there was too much unnecessary talking, and explaining, and recounting of things we already know. Plus they even brought back the 'Shinigami saves Death Note holder, resulting in their own death' aka Rem died to save Misa. I also really really really really dislike the New L. He does not remotely resemble L at all, and is downright irritating to boot.

poor shinigami who died
Overall, it's a meh/10 from me. Not worth going to the cinema to watch at all. I'd rather have just waited for the online version.

That's all from me for now, ta ta!

Written by: ninetylives

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