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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid More Pajamas Set

Good Smile Company has been re-releasing many set recently, from the Nendoroid more play sets (Japanese and Western) -- which I didn't get, to these. In this month, the Pajamas, Swimwear and Cheerleader sets are coming out and in April, the Wedding Nendoroid more set will be re-released. Of these sets, I got the Pajamas and Wedding sets and will be reviewing them after receiving them. 

With the exception of the Wedding set, all other sets have 5 shown and 1 secret design. For the Pajamas set, that is a white bottom-less pajamas design; for the Swimwear set, that is a white towel design, and for the Cheerleader set, the secret version is a cheer boy design.

Without further ado, let's talk about the Pajamas set!
The front of the box illustrates the five pajamas design, without the secret version. They come in two different designs. The first type is a frilly kind that comes in black, green and yellow. The second is a button up "boyfriend's shirt" design that comes in pink, blue and white.
Opening the outer box gives 6 identical looking boxes that screams blind box. The secret version is the one on the right of the middle row for me, so for those who wants to play blind box locally... you might want to take note of this! However, I'm unsure if GSC actually packages all the same way, or if local stores mix up the order upon opening ^^;

This is the first frilly design which I was talking about. There are frills on the sleeves and ends of the pants, but you will see some on the back too. The poses cannot really be changed either. The arms can be removed and interchangeable among Nendoroids or turned around on the peg for a different pose, but the hands cannot be removed from the sleeves.

This is the second design and you can see the pink and blue sets have their own pants while the white version doesn't come with its own pants. They also come with their own neck pegs but some of mine are a little more tanned than the color of the pajamas body itself, which creates a distinction between the neck and the chest. So... you might want to use your own Nendoroid's neck peg instead if that matches the color better!

Now let's look at them one by one~
The white one has little color distinction between the buttons and collar the cloth itself, but it has some sculpting details which is distinct close-up. It really gives a very cute feel to Nendoroids, especially imouto type characters and you can use it to create many scenes for your Nendoroids!
From the back, you see that there is no hole for any stand. This is because the body can be balanced on its own. There is a flatter material at the end that splays out. I think this adds a very nice detail for the figure.

As this doesn't come with a set of pants, you can see the character's white panties if you flip the body over, but I shall refrain from showing a picture of this on this blog. The copyright details are on the body's bottom too, and this is the same for the other figures in this set.

The same are for the pink and blue designs but you can see that the collar and buttons are in a darker color, making them more distinct from afar. There is also a slight crease at the end of the pants, which are more of a design that matches the sewn fabric at the end of pajamas pants.

Onward to the next design and I would like to highlight how diverse the color palette is. Green and yellow are pastel colors and are really gentle, but black is seemingly at the other end of the spectrum! This diversity makes it easy to match with other Nendoroids, however I find both green and yellow quite difficult to match...

Front view of all three and you see that all the frills are nicely sculpted. I like how the sleeves are all puffy too. Similar to the other design, all of their limbs cannot be removed from the sleeves but the arms themselves can be spun around. Despite so it's difficult to match the hands-on-knees to anything else.
From the back, the lax material around the bottom really draws out that cute frilly look and there is even a crease at the back to show how loose it is and to make it more realistic. This sculpt is the same for the other colors too.

Next, I have Kotori from Love Live! trying out the 6 different designs. I tried to get someone who fitted well with green and since that's like... her second image color, I guess it fitted well enough.

I find that Kotori looks the best in green, followed by yellow and blue. She seems to look extremely bad in pink and white looks pretty forced. And she looks absolutely terrible in black.

Sadly, I do not have enough Nendoroids in the same series to suit all the bodies, and I definitely do not want to use them for Love Live (they have hogged enough of my Nendoroid accessories)... Perhaps with more Nendoroids coming in in 2017, I can finally put all of these to good use!

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