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Figure Unboxing and Review: Lavi (Megahouse G.E.M.)

Hi everyone! The best holiday season of the year is finally upon us! It really brings back memories of staying up late watching anime on Arts Central and aside from Shaman King and Inuyasha, my brother and I reaaaaally enjoyed D.Gray-man! So when I saw that Lavi was about to have a figurine, I had to order my favourite boy.

And the first thing I did when I got him was to stare at his face ( ´ ▽ ` )

I didn't spend much time on the packaging; it's pretty standard G.E.M. packaging, although I do appreciate the close up of his face on the back!

Unfortunately, the base is frankly quite disappointing. I'm not a fan of the huge white slab, nor do I believe figurines should be labelled... I feel like a rock to balance Lavi on or at the very least a black or dark maroon base to suit his colour scheme would be much better.

Lavi's scarf is removable so I took it off as I wanted to decrease the chance of colour transfer!

Also, as you can see from here, his hammer hovers as well (since it obviously can't sit nicely on such a flat plain base) which kind of annoys me...

He really is good looking... ( ´ ▽ ` )

Close up, the sculpting and painting gets a little messy where smaller details are, but I do like the lines around his eyes!

Megahouse sculpted the clothes rather well, and I really like the way it seems as though his shirt is clinging to him due to the wind and his dynamic pose! However, they are a bit heavy on the shading especially on his pants.

The lack of musculature detailing is a slight downer though, seeing as they put in so much effort into the ruffles of the clothes. I do like how well-proportioned his hands and feet are, as some figures tend to have feet too small or hands too big.

As mentioned before, the detailing of the clothes are definitely well done.

One thing that took me by surprise was how far apart Lavi and his hammer are. From promo pictures it looked like Lavi would be stepping on his hammer. Although it looks alright from the front, it does seem a bit awkward from the other angles, and due to the plain base, his pose seems a little out of place (个_个)

Also, just a couple of closeups showing how the belt and scarf should sit!

Overall, while I'm satisfied with the way Lavi was sculpted, I'm not a fan of the base nor the positioning of the pose. Lavi came a bit out of the blue as the DGM franchise has been pretty quiet, but I'm still more than happy that I can add him to my collection (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Written by Nana

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