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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Natsume Rin (GSC)

Another cat-girl makes her appearance today: Nendoroid Natsume Rin!

Little Busters is a show I was recommended to watch by a friend. While it didn't leave a very fantastic impression on me since I didn't play the visual novel before or after the TV series, I'll admit it was an enjoyable watch. Moreover it was definitely a very popular show and game, giving them three different Nendoroids of the heroines. Today I'll be looking at Natsume Rin, my friend's best girl~

Red as her image color is normal but pink makes her look even more feminine. Though I must mention that the cat she's holding up looks rather yandere.
In the blister pack comes all the accessories Rin comes with. she has three faceplates as per the older Nendoroid lines, with a default expression, a shy expression and an infuriated yelling one. Little Busters also shows her being a cat-lover. As such, she comes with two cats and cat accessories, even nekomimi. Also, base ball accessories as Rin is a pitcher in the series.

Posing and Assembly + Sculpting and Painting
I'll be examining these two areas together as many of the images would overlap otherwise. This section would be long as a result but please bear with me!
I like her shy expression the best of all because it shows the side of her that was on for the later half of the series. The blush isn't that obvious in this image but trust me when I say that she does come with a slight blush, shown with thin pink lines.

Using the same image, we'll first look at the baseball equipment. The mitt is adequately colored and sculpted. It has all the intricacies of a mitt and looks quite hardy and durable. The baseball itself comes with the right texture and stitches as well. Though, the ball cannot be removed from the hand part, making it more limited in posing, or the hand without the ball might pass for a waving hand too.
This image will showcase all the cat-based accessories. We'll start with the top, with Rin's ears. These are removable, unlike Tsukiko's which come with a plastic piece to clip in between the front and back pieces. I'll cover how to remove and replace the hair parts with the ears later. For now, I'll look at the sculpt and painting of the ears. Personally, I like the rugged fluffy bottom end of it but the flat pink in the inside is quite off-putting as more shading and detail could have been placed in this aspect. The ears could have been more pointed to look more cat-like rather than mouse-like.

The cat stick toy (I wonder what's its official name) is not very detailed. It looks quite large, diameter wise, and the pink part isn't fluffy at all. However, it does get the message of what it is across at least.

The cats, white cat Lennon and the brown cat Dorj each comes with their own good and bad points. Lennon first, he has two bodies, one to pose him alone and another to pose him on Rin's arm. Thus, his hollowed head can be removed to be placed on the pegs on either bodies. Unfortunately, his face scares me a little lot, but I guess it does fit his sinister persona in the series.

Dorj is so cute and looks so squishy. The brown stripes are all painted cleanly and I like how they took the extra effort to paint that double chin part in too. It does make up for the lack of accurate and detailed anatomy.
Her shouting face is definitely one that I don't like. The highlights on both sides of her eyes increases her fierceness but she doesn't really have any accessories which would suit this pose. I also don't like the cat-like eyes matched with the hissy feel she is giving off but at least the sculpt and painting is clean.

Down to her school uniform, the paint in clean even with all the intricate lining like the red on black for instance, and even the pink lines on her checkered plait skirt. The pocket area on her vest is well accentuated with the top part sculpted as a higher layer. Buttons on the red lining is shown clearly as well.

The ribbon on her chest is made with a lighter shade of red, pink actually, and looks rather cutesy. The design makes it appear fluffy, hence standing out from the rest of the rest of her boxy attire.

Next up is her shoes, though not much design is placed into the shoes themselves, time and effort were still taken to paint them in two separate colors. Very much appreciated!
Finally, we get to the hair. Let's first talk about the design before moving on to the removing part. Her white hair tie for the ponytail is there, but there is no particular design to it. Her ponytail is fitted with a ball joint for more versatile posing. The bell and white ribbon have clear and on-spot paint colors. The sculpt of the bell is accurate too and not too huge for the Nendo head size.

And now, onto how to slot in the nekomimi, as you can see, she comes with the front and back hair pieces, where the back piece is further split into three sections as follows.
By removing the smaller two pieces, you can then replace them with the nekomimi pieces to have Rin in cat-form! Sadly, she doesn't come with a tail part to match. Nevertheless, the nekomimi pieces on my copy is quite loose but I'm unsure if that will be the case for other copies as well.

While this is a Nendo that might be suited for cat-lovers as she comes with a lot of cat accessories, or for someone who wants to make a custom baseball-centered Nendo fix (Daiya no A I'm looking at you), this might not be a figure for most people who aren't into the series or the character itself. I say that because she comes with very few accessories which can't be fitted to other Nendos and her uniform with a black vest and patterned plaited skirt isn't that uncommon. Her nekomimi is attached to her hair parts and cannot be used interchangeably with other Nendos, which makes it a very minus point in my opinion.

However, if you are a fan of Natsume Rin, this Nendoroid can definitely showcase many sides of her, making any fan of the character pleased!

~ Reina-rin

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