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Figure Unboxing and Review: Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko (GSC)

Henneko was a series that I never thought I would enjoy, but later happen to quite like it. Similar to most fans, my favorite girl would be Tsukiko and I like how she can appear so emotionless but actually has so many emotions in her that she can't express. Especially how troubled and pouty she gets when she's jealous. That being said, I'm sympathetic to her for losing her ability to express her emotions and the initial clumsy and timid her is really cute too~

Without further ado, let's move on to talk about this adorable Nendoroid of hers!

The typical Nendo packaging with her image color in pink. Something to note is that most of the Nendoroid has the cut-out of the character on the left side of the box while hers is on the right. While that isn't a major issue, if you display boxes like myself, this may be an issue for aesthetics.
Here is best girl in her entire glory! She comes with three faceplates -- default, emotionless and one to be matched with her nyan pose. She also comes with a few exchanges of limbs and an alternate lower body with an attached tail, where she lifts her skirt. She also comes with nekomimi (cat ears) and food -- meatbuns in a packet, meatbun she is holding, and curry rice.

Posing and Assembly
Having a lot of limbs also mean she has a lot of posing choices. She can be easily arranged to fit one of her trademark poses on the official wallpaper. There are also other poses that she can come with, and I especially like the duo-food pose because it matches her glutton side and... what's a better Nendo than one that comes with a ton of food?
She can't even decide which to eat! But if you can, she can too!

The meat buns come with a larger held counterpart and the curry rice come with a spoon too. However, these two come attached to the hand and this is the only way you can pose her taking both food items.
This faceplate is used to show her chewing food but with a little variation you can pose her like she's pouting too.
To increase the versatility of  the figure, her side ponytail is also removable and that means that you can create nuance in the posing. However, that isn't on par with the later Nendos with the ponytails secured with a ball joint at the ends to give much higher posing flexibility.
Her alternate lower body has a lifted skirt and the two grooves are where her hands are supposed to hold. She also comes with a cat tail and her lower midriff. Though the beige part on this piece looks weird, it joins almost seamlessly with the upper body.

Painting and Sculpting

She has relatively good and precise paintwork, with vivid colors. This is evident through her hair ties which are painted metallic silver and pink. though the pink is a little dull in the image above, it's definitely much brighter in the actual product.

The sculpting of her hair is also very neat and shows how the hair flows well. It has the concept of individual strands too, though not as visible because it's part of a Nendo after all. Her eyes are also bright, similar to the anime, and her rosy cheeks -- they are absolutely adorable!
A closer take on her outfit, we see that her skirt has a very neat and detailed print with realistic folds forming the plaits. The blouse doesn't have a very detailed design but it is capable of pulling off the simple white piece look by compensating in terms of sculpting, with the creases and shading.

The yellow ribbon counts as a very stark color to draw attention and increase the intricacies of the otherwise simple uniform. The same goes for the green leafy design at the color as well.
Bringing attention back to this piece, you can note more details because it doesn't have the upper body blocking the view. Two things I would like to point out with this... First, the white buttons. They are perfectly sculpted and painted, with a sharp white paint and that makes it stand out against the pink and make the skirt looks more chic.

Second, we see that the waist piece held in place with the white buttons is slightly thicker than the rest around the circumference. This ups the realism factor and adds detail to the skirt.

Tsukiko is definitely one of the girls that ranks high on my Best Girls list in Anime Universe, though probably not in my Top 10 or perhaps just barely making it in. However, bias aside, I would recommend anyone to get her because she's a beauty and she comes with quite a bit of accessories, which you can of course, trade with any other Nendo. Though, note that this will only work if they have similar sleeve length. It isn't that common for Nendos to come with so much food nowadays... food accessories are a total luxury nowadays.

~ Reina-rin

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