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Yunomori Onsen

Yunomori Onsen is a place that I have only visited once, about 2 months ago. I went there with a friend after getting an early-bird ticket (which was on sale in Kallang Wave Mall before its official opening), thus offering it at a cheaper rate than its usual price.

The "entrance fee" to Yunomori Onsen could very well just be admission to the onsen alone, which was what I chose, or you could also opt to go for other treatments like massages. Yunomori combines both onsen and Thai massage techniques to give you the best they can. And I'm sure we have all heard of the amazing things that Thai massage can do, right?
As mentioned before, on my trip to Yunomori Onsen, I took the cheapest package, which is the onsen only at SGD$38. Any package in the facility consists of the onsen as well, and of course, full day access as well. Unfortunately for some massages (aromatic, I believe), you are prohibited from entering the onsen after then, so be sure to plan your day properly in that case!

Now, I obviously cannot show any pictures of how things look inside the facility as there were other customers when I was around. Instead, I'll use official images together with my description to detail how my experience was like.
This is what you will see upon entering the facility, and this is where you will "book" a session. They will then pass you a shoe locker number.
At the shoe locker, which you put your shoes in and change into their indoor sandals. After which, you pass your shoe locker key to the receptionist, then enter the main part of the facility.
At the end of the corridor are the onsen, segregated by gender. You be given a yukata (optional), towels (1 large and 1 small) and a key to one of the wooden cabinets (left in image) to store your clothes and bags (the key is waterproof and to be worn at all times).

Extra towels are chargeable but personally, you can make do very well with just the 2 provided towels. The yukata would be worn throughout the facility, namely to the cafeteria and massage.

For females, two additional sheer black pieces will be provided to cover the privates. You can, of course, enter the onsen completely naked as well.

You can use the sink and hairdryer (on the right in image) after you step out of the onsen. Hair ties, tissues, and q-tips are also provided free-of-charge.
As per Japanese onsen etiquette, you are expected to shower before using the onsen. This showering place is found in the onsen area itself and comes with shampoo, conditioner and soap. For those with long hair, do note that your hair is not supposed to touch the onsen water so make sure to bring a hair tie in along with you!
Onsen area itself is divided into different baths as well as a steam room. The image above is the steam room and is actually quite relaxing to stay in, according to personal experience. However, due to the steam it can get very humid so make sure to stay in for as long as you can only!

As you can see in the image above, each bath has a metal plague to describe what it is and what it does so be sure to read it properly before entering. Just do make sure to remember to wash your feet with the water of the bath and the provided wooden scoops before entering each bath.

There are several different baths, and these are some of them.

1. Bubble bath: Warm and filled with minerals to give a holistic and relaxing bath experience.

2. Soda bath: Infused with high concentrations of CO2, this bath helps to improve blood circulation, reduce high blood pressure as well as detoxify the body. It also aids in providing a youthful glow to your skin.

3. Jet bath: Oxygenated water here helps to increase blood circulation and metabolism, aiding with weight loss. In addition, it also helps to soothe tension and muscle aches in your body.

4. Silk bath: Namely, my favorite bath here. It is the only opaque bath (milky white color) and is filled with small bubbles to help stimulate and relax your muscles. The relaxing aspect of this bath also helps to relieve mental stress.

In addition, there is also the traditional hot and cold baths, as well as a sauna room that I forgot to use.
And if you happen to get hungry after a round of onsen, you can always go for a round of food in the cafeteria before you return to another round of onsen. I had a bowl of udon (which was relatively cheap, at about $7 if I recall correctly) as well as kakigori (shaved ice). The kakigori comes in several flavors and I remember getting the limited-time Sakura kakigori!
That's all I have today.

If you have anything you'll like to share, especially for the massages, leave a comment down below!

~ Reina-rin

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