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Virtual Youtubers: Nijisanji Members Highlight



It's been a while since my

Kiryu Coco's skit in her 3D stream

Tokoyami Towa performing for her audience

However, if the idol-like Hololive doesn't appeal to you, I'm here today to introduce another VTuber agency to you called NIJISANJI! Without further notice, let's see what NIJISANJI is like!

Ever since the group debuted in early 2018, it has amassed massive amounts of support as well as debuted many VTubers under their group. As of today, there are over 100 active VTubers in NIJISANJI and the number only continues to grow. NIJISANJI has even expanded to other regions in the world, namely, NIJISANJI EN, NIJISANJI KR and NIJISANJI ID. 

NIJISANJI has a bigger scene in the VTuber industry due to them recruiting more frequently than other groups as well as that they have opened applications to male VTubers as well. With these many VTubers, I'm sure that you'll be able to find the one that appeals to you most so that you can enjoy watching and supporting them! Just like before, I'll pick some VTubers and introduce them to you so that you can give them a try in watching their content. With that said, let's get to the first one!

Himawari Honma

Himawari Honma

Debuted in July 2018, Himawari Honma has garnered a lot of fans the past two years. Formerly of NIJISANJI Gamers, the group was annexed into NIJISANJI itself over time.

Himawari Honma is the epitome of cheerful itself. From her debut till today, she has maintained her easygoing and outgoing vibe. In her streams, she's always being cheerful and bright, bringing smiles to her live audience. Even to other VTuber's under NIJISANJI, she has been often praised of being fun to hang out with. I can see why too! I seldom get bored watching her stream just because she's so cheerful. It's like watching a younger sister play games. Just like her name, Himawari is exactly like a sunflower, being able to make someone else happy through watching her. A bright and everlasting entertainment.

Himawari takes a sudden break from a horror game to appreciate a "trumpet"

Happy Himawari after winning a game

She usually streams herself playing video games that are light to watch such as Smash, Donkey Kong and Minecraft. She also does collaborations with other VTubers sometimes where they either play games or have entertaining and funny conversations with each other. For me, while I do not watch her stream on a schedule, I try to whenever I can because my day would get at least a little bit better from all the positive energy that she leaks out. She's also infamously known to be a klutz sometimes, just like when she mistook the sun and the moon to be the same entity! Here are some of her highlights to get you started.

Compilation of Himawari Honma being Himawari Honma 

A cute mistake

Tsukino Mito

Tsukino Mito

One of the first VTuber to debut under NIJISANJI, Tsukino Mito has long made her mark on the VTuber industry, Having amassed a total of more than half a million Youtube subscribers, she takes the cake for being the most popular Youtuber in the NIJISANJI group. And with justification!

In her profile, she's portrayed as a high school student. Although your first impression of her might be that she is a tsundere and seiso(innocent and wholesome), she's actually far off from that! She's very outspoken and direct, with no fear of her words getting clipped out of context. Tsukino Mito also plays games that are either very low in quality or in old age, garnering amusement from her fans. It's all because of this that I enjoy watching her stream. After a while, you realize that she's just like one of us, trying to have fun and entertain others. Because of this, I never get bored watching her because I can relate to her as much as any of her fans can due to a sense of familiarity she has subconsciously created. 

Tsukino Mito playing a game I nor any other listeners have seen before

Tsukino Mito openly speaks her mind of her colleague who was late to a collab

As previously said, she usually streams herself playing games that most likely hasn't seen light, for pure entertainment. These streams are usually packed with comedy because of her acting out from what you'd expect from an innocent-looking high school student. She does, however, play a lot of gacha games, specifically The Idolmaster: Shiny Colors. If you're looking for someone comedic as well as down to earth, Tsukino Mito might be a VTuber that you might want to watch!

Tsukino Mito's adventure in a horror game

Tsukino Mito playing "I love you" game with Higuchi Kaede

Inui Toko

Inui Toko

Inui Toko debuted over a year ago on March 2019 alongside Lize Helesta and Ange Katrina. Even after only one year, she has managed to attract almost 300,000 subscribers, an impressive feat. Let's see why there are 300,000 fans of Inui Toko!

Inui Toko is someone that if I had to choose to be a close friend with, it would be her. Her personality is that of a laid-back and easygoing individual. She's also very witty and someone great to talk to, as can be seen from her marshmallow-reading (Q&A) streams. Moreover, she has a unique and melodious voice! For example, she has done covers of many songs and they all have garnered massive support from fans. For me, whenever I'm working on stuff on my PC, I'll have her stream open in the background while I work. Occasionally, I'll chuckle at her comeback towards a certain marshmallow, and sometimes open the tab back up on the rare occasion that she does or says something cute. Overall, she's definitely one of my favourite VTuber if I had to name one.

Inui Toko "accidentally" reveals her spending

Inui Toko's marshmallow-reading stream

Surprisingly, as a VTuber, she doesn't play that much of a variety of games. Her streams are mostly that of talking with her audience while she has her game open. She also often does marshmallow-reading streams. If you're someone that appreciates the slow pace of Inui Toko's conversation with her audience, I can recommend no one better than her!

Inui Toko's cute highlight

Inui Toko's melodious singing

Hayato Kagami

Hayato Kagami

Marking this month as his debut anniversary, Hayato Kagami debuted on 6 July 2019. For the past year, his streams have been a part of my daily life lately, with me almost not missing a single stream of his. As to why I'll explain.

Hayato Kagami introduces himself as the CEO of a company. From what I have seen, Hayato-san is an outgoing yet cautious individual. Outgoing in a sense that he's someone that would break an awkward atmosphere in a newly-met group. Cautious in a sense where even with close friends, he would address them with honorifics. Just from that alone, I can tell he's a respectful individual. Other than that, he is probably my favourite male VTuber because if I ever became one, I want to be like him. Confident, respectful and fun to be with.

Hayato Kagami-san meets his fans on Animal Crossing

Hayato Kagami-san getting teased while playing Apex Legends

As for his streams, he usually plays what interests him the most. Like for example, as of now, he's currently doing a playthrough of Dark Souls Remastered. There's no one set game that he'll play. From FPS games like Titanfall and Apex, to sandbox ARK, and even Animal Crossing. He even does streams where he's singing, or even just talking to his audience, which are the ones I look forward to the most. And of course, another small reason I watch him is that his voice is smooth and pleasing to hear. Hayato-san is what I would consider more of a Twitch streamer rather than a VTuber because of his sporadic game choices. But that's exactly what I like about him, he plays a different game every day but still manages to keep everyone entertained.

Hayato Kagami-san unexpected becomes a mother

The CEO tries to convince not to send a superchat

Shizuka Rin

Shizuka Rin

Shizuka Rin was also one of the first VTubers under NIJISANJI, debuting along with Tsukino Mito as well as Higuchi Kaede. Along with the other two, they have a term for their group called "JK Gumi"(high school girl group). Most importantly, she was my first ever VTuber that I watch and my favourite VTuber ever.

Shizurin (her nickname), is a mature and demure individual. She's always really calm in her streams, never raging or screaming in frustration. Well, while she's not playing horror games, that is. Her streams are generally really laid-back and relaxed, with no specific goal in mind. Coupled with the fact that she has a really smooth and "onee-san" like voice, Shizurin's streams are the best to watch late at night for entertainment and relaxation. More often than not, I always find myself opening her stream whenever she starts one, regardless of the time. A new stream from Shizurin to me is like an episode of a really interesting drama to others.

Shizuka Rin tries her best in FFXIV

As for her streams, Shizurin mostly plays Final Fantasy XIV Online and Dead By Daylight. As an avid player of FFXIV myself, I'm glad that I can enjoy FFXIV even when I'm not playing the game myself! Other than that, whenever there's a game that spikes her curiosity, she starts playing that game regularly for a while. As much as I would like to hear her sing with her fabulous voice, she rarely streams herself karaoke, unlike others. But that's fine, I'll still be watching her streams regularly because she's my favourite VTuber!

A terrified rabbit meets Shizuka Rin

Shizuka Rin's cute attempt at English

And that's it for NIJISANJI members highlights! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and the videos of VTubers as well! I do hope that you have found your new favourite VTuber so that you can enjoy watching and supporting them anytime! If you're new to VTubers, be sure to

Happy watching VTubers!

Written by Kai Yuichi

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