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Today's Menu at the Emiya Household

Hi everyone! It's Nana here!

I'm sure most of you know about the Fate series. It's daunting to start on since it's so complex, but today I'll be sharing with you one of its offerings that doesn't require you to cross-reference a whole bunch of wikia articles!

It's an anime adaption of a manga parody that revolves around food! The whole show revolves around Shirou cooking for everyone else, mainly the Fate/Stay Night cast.

My favourite is the great Celtic hero Lancer and he is extra adorable here. I really like his excitable character and that snaggletooth!

Each episode introduces new characters and new food, and is thorough enough that I feel like I can attempt several of these recipes. Most recipes are generally quite simple too. One of my favourites is the one in episode two, foil-baked salmon!

I'm quite fond of the art as it's very soft and pastel. Combined with the domestic atmosphere and lack of Holy Grail Wars, the whole anime feels very fluffy and heartwarming. Normally, I would focus on the manga, but I like the colouring of the anime so I'm watching it as and when even though releases aren't frequent nor regular.

Will I be trying out the recipes one day? If I do, I'll share it! Til next time!

Written by Nana

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