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Nana's Winter'18 Wonfes Picks

Hi everyone! Nana here~

Older readers might recognise me as sharing lots of figure unboxings when I first joined Milkcan; although I don't do that much now, I still religiously follow figure news! C3AFA Tokyo might be the latest event but Wonfes is definitely still the largest in terms of figure announcements! Without further ado, here's my top picks!

1. Shuten Douji (QuesQ)

I tend to nitpick when it comes to female characters. It's no secret that the female characters market is saturated with swimsuit designs, which is why I love FGO's character design so much, even though they can be rather controversial when it comes to anatomy. Named after the sake-loving mythical demon, I really enjoy Shuten Douji's devil-may-care sort of attitude, and the figure really brings across the idea that she can and will drunkenly decapitate you. Though not the top of my priority list, she's definitely one I will consider, although it really depends on whether QuesQ can bring across the quality!

2. Berserker / Cu Chulainn Alter (FREEing)

More from FGO, this is probably my favourite version of Cu Chulainn, the shadow side. I love the overall design, with the flamboyant outfit and chest (torso?) markings! The figure has him standing atop a bunch of skulls, which only adds to its likability and brings across his dangerous aura. Since his CG has him in the midst of a fiery field, I'm looking forward to see the colours as well. Here's hoping FREEing brings across the gorgeous deep reds.

3. P5 Protagonist / Amamiya Ren Uniform Ver. (Soyokusha)

Persona 5 continues its prominent figurine run with even more figures announced! In fact, I've lost count of how many figures the protagonist has now. If only they would give Ryuji a scale figure too... That being said, I like this one for his pose and props! Although I'm hesitant about Soyokusha since I do not particularly like the way they do eyes, not to mention this is the first time I've seen a male character from them.

4. Roronoa Zoro "Sanzen Sekai'!!!! Ver. (Megahouse)

Megahouse's huge moneymaker, the POP series. I have figures from this series since 2012 (Eustace Kidd), and in fact have a full collection of the Straw Hats (although I should perhaps work on adding Jinbe and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet now?). On the other hand, a Zoro in-action is too hard to pass up!

5. Nendoroids (Good Smile Company)

Small and adorable, Nendoroids are the way for me to collect entire series as they are the most affordable and usually the easiest to obtain. After wishing and waiting for years, I finally finally will get to collect KnB and JoJo Nendoroids! I've already picked up two Jotaros, so these are definitely gonna follow up on my must-buy list.

Although it's been a long time since I've shared my love for figurines here, I hope I'll get to share these with you next year!

Written by Nana

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