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CharaExpo 2015 - Day 1

Another day, another event~ Hello everyone! It's Nana here, back from yet another event. If I seem like I go to a lot of events, why, yes, I go to many of them and this time it's the inaugural CharaExpo!

Despite it being the first CharaExpo, the organizers have managed to invite a host of guests and big name exhibitors.

Everyone receives a goody bag when you enter the hall, comprising of a fan, map, brochure and more! I dived headfirst into the booths A.K.A. where the most people are, and chanced upon the Yorozuya members!

However, near the entrance is actually the "cinema"! It was showing the Naruto: The Last movie but we didn't watch it although I could catch bits and pieces of the dialogue. Right outside the "cinema" is a huge SnK wall! Many people were taking photos there (such as these two cosplayers having a quick photoshoot) so I couldn't get a clear shot.

Also near the entrance was the Doraemon booth! As you know, the new movie is currently showing~ Its cutesy design appeals to children and it is highly popular among even the older generation, making it a crowd favourite! Golden Village also has a booth displaying the latest anime films coming soon!

There are also many interactive booths, such as Good Smile Company's! GSC is famous for its Nendoroids and here fans get the chance to design their own!

GSC also displayed many figures and here are some!

It's not GSC without a Miku or two

Pretty excited to see this as I've preordered it!
They're not the only one with displays; Banpresto had them too!

As usual, Zoro looks good!
Maki and Toudou! Reaaally like this one, I wonder if I can get them...

The rising popularity of Love Live means a great number of visitors and what better way to get the crowd going by letting them play the Japan-exclusive version of their very popular Love Live School Idol Festival rhythm game app? They even had a huge feature wall for fans to post with all nine members of Muse.

Photobombed again!
Anyone else play LLSIF? :)
There are even more games than I expected there to be; the Bushiroad Spring Fest game area is pretty huge! I'm not sure what games there are (it looks like card games to me) but everyone was concentrating pretty hard on playing!

This event, you will see quite a few Ojisans (middle-aged Japanese men) due to none other than the pro-wrestling segment! You might think it's strange to have a wrestling events amid all the cutesy merchandise, but it is part of Japanese culture and is pretty popular! I managed to grab a picture of the ring when it was empty but once it started, it was so crowded I couldn't see anything. So if you're interested in watching up close, either you secure a seat or start waiting early at the barricades.

The ring is probably the coolest section
Can you catch the flip onscreen?
There is also the Entertainment Stage and Mini Stage events! The Entertainment Stage was very popular although I thought it was bad planning to arrange for a Mini Stage the same time as the Entertainment Stage, especially when they're right next to each other. It was too noisy to conduct a proper panel!

Meanwhile, if you prefer to shop, you have many choices! There are booths for fanmerch and booths for toy shops!

Fanmerch heaven

Otaku Tachi whose shop I frequent!
Some of the exhibitors sell official merchandise as well.

Can you see that colourful LL t-shirt? Day 1's sold out by afternoon!
Slightly disappointed with Nitroplus' booth, but I definitely loved this wall. Kogi!!!
If you'd like to try your luck, there is an Ichiban Kuji booth as well! There are at least 6 Ichiban Kujis you can choose to buy tickets for! Here are the Love Live prizes~

Last but not least, every event is not complete without the cosplayers! It was very crowded so it was difficult to take photos, but I managed to take some~ I really marvel the intricate details!

Sadly my phone's camera didn't do this Jolyne cosplay justice at all! :(
If you haven't been to CharaExpo, not to worry because there's still a Day 2! I might not like crowds but I prefer the atmosphere of big events the most so I had a good time at CharaExpo~ Signing off with the simplest cosplay I've seen (yet is my favourite).

"Have you seen this person???" Unfortunately, no.
Written by Nana

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