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Yumeiro Cast: Scouting

Yumeiro Cast is a game of events and scouting. While using 5 gems to refill your AP is not worth it, you can save up to 20 gems for a single scout or 200 gems for a roll with at least a guaranteed SR. Usually, I would do the scout with 200 gems as doing a 10-roll would typically have a higher UR chance. What do I mean by this? Just read on and you'll know~
Scouting in YumeCast isn't as simple as pressing the button. You will have to swipe the clipboard too. Once the cover page is flipped, you will be greeted by different colored paper below -- silver (Rs), gold/yellow (SRs) or rainbow (UR).
Other than gems, scouting  can be done with UR dream tickets or SR+ dream tickets. These can be obtained through events. UR dream tickets will ensure that the player will be able to get a single UR from it; while SR+ dream tickets can give either a SR or UR from each draw. 

As there can be many different scouting boxes for the tickets, make sure that the URs you get are part of the box before pressing to scout!
 This is the scout for normal scouting tickets and you will get at least a Rare rarity card from it.
There are event scouts almost every event and you can get the event UR or SR from it. These event cards will give an increased event points. Each UR will give +0.50 and each SR will give +0.15. The maximum is capped at +0.20.
Single scouts get URs at 3% while doign a 10-pull at 200 gems would give URs at 20% rate for the very first card. What this means is that for the first of the 10 cards, the UR rate is 20% while SR rate is 80% (guaranteed SR and above for the scout). After which, the rest of the 9 cards will revert to 3% UR, 15% SR and 82% R.

This is a higher chance of getting a scout better than 1 guaranteed SR scout as there are no card flipping. The only possibility of getting a 1 SR scout is if you get all Rs for the remaining 9 scouts. As such, it only includes one scenario:
1) SR + All other cards as Rares

Compared to this, there is a higher possibility of 1 SR scout in Love Live SIF because it includes 2 scenarios:
1) All Rares, and 1 flips into a SR
2) A proper 1 SR scout with your own rng (without Klab forcibly flipping cards into SR)

Hence if your rng is enough to get a proper SR with your own rng for the remaining 9 cards in your scout in YumeCast, you are guaranteed to get a scout better than a single SR. Unfortunately, in SIF, if you get the same scout (a single SR based on your own RNG), Klab will consider that SR as your guaranteed SR, and wouldn't flip out another SR for you...
This is a selected scout, and you have a lowered price for a daily single scout at 10 dream stones instead of 20. In the above picture, I have already scouted once at 10 dream stones, hence the next has reset to 20 again.
Friend point scouts have a free single scout daily. After which you can scout a single time at 300 gacha points or 10 times at 3000 gacha points. In this scout, there is a very low percentage of getting something other than N rarity, but you can get a R or even SR card from this scout.

I have been playing this game for 3 weeks or so, and am fortunate enough to have gotten quite a few R and even one SR from this scout!

~ Reina-rin

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