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To: Fans of Supernatural Anime

If you find yourself often buried in books or binging documentaries about alien conspiracies, then I have something in store for you. Well, not exactly the same thing, but close enough. Here are some anime with elements of the supernatural that hopefully catches your eye.

  1. Natsume Yuujinchou

The first anime I’d like to introduce is Natsume Yuujinchou, also known as Natsume’s Book of Friends. Undeniably one of my favourites. This slice-of-life series follows a boy who can see yokai (Japanese folk creatures) and his adventures with them through his grandmother, Reiko. 

Though passed, Reiko’s name was famous among the yokai as an extremely powerful, beautiful girl who would have duels with the Yokai. If they lost, she would write their names in the Book of Friends and thus obtain the power to command them whenever. 

Upon inheriting her book, kind-hearted Natsume’s goal is to return the yokai their own names, but it isn’t an easy task due to the temptations of the power the book possesses. Luckily for him, Natsume has an unusual partner to aid him in his journey 一 

一 Nyanko-sensei! Don’t be fooled by this seemingly innocent cat-like creature, for you are looking at one of the most powerful beast yokai with a condescending personality. Bound by a contract, Nyanko-sensei has to protect Natsume in order to obtain the Book of Friends after the latter passes. Although often exchanging snarky remarks with each other, the two soon form a connection no other can break.

If you ask me, their relationship is one of the best things in this show. What’s a better pairing than a soft boy and his tsundere yokai? 

Natsume Yuujinchou is all about relationships and connections. In the episodes, we see Natsume’s encounters with different yokai and the people around him. From reuniting yokai to meeting exorcists, we see how his impression of each of them changes over every experience. From accepting your own differences to knowing when to let go, we learn a meaningful lesson with him every single time. 

If you’re down for a heartwarming and wholesome anime, Natsume Yuujinchou is your pick. In fact, you have six seasons and one movie to binge through. 

  1. Fukigen na Mononokean  

To me, this anime is a hidden gem and a great choice for those who enjoy dashes of comedic moments and running gags. Fukigen na Mononokean, also known as The Morose Mononokean, is similar to Natsume Yuujinchou and revolves around a boy named Hanae who has the ability to see yokai. As a matter of fact, he actually collapsed on the first few days of school because of a yokai that was clinging to his back. 

Wanting to get rid of the yokai, Hanae seeks the help of Haruituski, the owner of a traditional Japanese tea room called The Mononokean - which is in fact, an extremely huge yokai that communicates via a wall scroll. After granting him the favour, Haruitsuki swiftly uses the debt that Hanae owes him to rope the latter into helping him escort yokai into The Underworld (aka exorcise). 

With every episode, watch as Hanae comes to terms with his ability and bonds with the stern Haruitsuki, and try not to squeal over the cuteness portrayed in this show. If you’re someone who can’t resist cuteness, then you definitely can’t resist watching this anime. Reason being?

Fuzzy! Yes, that’s the name Hanae gifted his newly-found friend. Doesn’t it live up to its name? 

That aside, this anime has incredibly interesting and fresh visuals. It comes with a myriad of colours that are a delight to see. Especially with scenes in The Underworld, you’ll get to view a colourful and saturated world with unusual creatures. 

With two seasons, this anime is an easy and pleasing watch 一 I hope you enjoy your time there! 

  1. Kemono Jihen 

We are taking a sharp turn here, but it may be right up your alley. That is, you’re into criminal cases and some splashes of gore (and bonus: Jujutsu Kaisen). Kemono Jihen introduces a world where demons, each with their own special ability, secretly coexist with humans. The show revolves around a somewhat emotionless but extremely powerful boy named Kabane, who gets taken in by a detective running an agency that specializes in kemono-related cases. 

Kabane is an odd character, to say the least. He is almost like an empty shell, but as the story progresses, you get glimpses of the little changes in his character. His blunt remarks and the way he takes words at face value really chalk up to the show’s humour, especially with the other characters in the agency. 

There are many unusual characters in this anime, ranging from a tsundere fox spy to a vampire gamer. There is not a dull moment in their interactions and each character has their own story and intentions - you can never really guess the true colours of one. 

Paired with the gritty cases Kabane encounters, you’re in for a ride. Explore what makes someone good and someone evil, and watch the main character learn to trust and depend on his friends and comrades in times of need. 

Watching this anime is like going on a rollercoaster. Your heart can be beating frantically in one second and melt in the next, at the most unexpected times. Although of a dark nature, underneath all that, Kemono Jihen is about connections between people and character growth. You learn to care for the characters as you watch them struggle to overcome obstacles, never giving up, and admire their determination to battle their inner demons. 

If you’re giving this series a try, then be ready 一 or not. It’ll be a wild one. 

P.S. Here’s a bonus anime: Hotarubi no Mori e 

A 45-min movie about a human girl, an enchanted forest, and a gentle, masked yokai. The human girl and the yokai grow a close bond but have never been able to physically touch one another, as the yokai would disappear upon a human's touch. This dream-like, magical adaptation will play with your emotions, make you wish for the impossible, and leave you with bittersweet memories.  

But it’s worth every second. Just a warning, though 一 try not to get too attached. 

Written by Potato.

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