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Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49

I'm not an idol group enthusiast, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt any vein to watch the latest anime centred on idols - Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49. Shounen Hollywood takes on several forms. Firstly, it's an idol project which goes by the name Zen The Hollywood (just take it with a pinch of salt). Secondly, it's a novel written by the creator Hashiguchi Ikuyo. Thirdly, it's an anime which isn't a direct adaptation of the novel but a completely new story that takes place many years after the events in the novel. Any of that sounds rather confusing to anybody? It's fine though, because I will be focusing primarily on the anime.

I've got to admit upfront that the drawing style is a little too peculiar to my liking. I was expecting something along the lines of the Idolmaster franchise and such. Then again, Shounen Hollywood has managed to set itself apart as a more splendorous and somewhat unfathomable unit. I would probably need more time to get accustomed to their stuff. Anyway, I did sit through the first episode without much hiccups. The anime premiered recently on July 5th, and it will run for 13 episodes. 

In the anime, a group of five boys that will eventually become the new Shounen Hollywood which replaces (and hopefully surpasses) the defunct, first-generation Shounen Hollywood studies and practices the basic routines of an idol group. The leader is Amaki Ikuma, or Makki as he is nicknamed. He is 18 years old and a high school dropout. His Hollywood colour is Green.  

Kazami Kakeru is 17 years old and a second-year in high school. He is the first character to appear on screen. Kakeru's Hollywood colour is Red. He was scouted personally by the president while working part-time. The president has labelled him as the 'future box' of Shounen Hollywood. Kakeru's catchphrase starts out rather mushy: Your universe is my universe; my universe is your universe; in other words I'm in your dreams!

The youngest member of the group, Saeki Kira, is 14 years old and was once a rather popular child actor. He decided to restart his career as an idol after being forgotten by most people. His Hollywood colour is Blue. Kira represents the Star of Hope. I think that he looks a little too mature though for a 14 year old.

Here comes the biggest fan of the first-generation Shounen Hollywood - Tomii Daiki. Daiki is 15 years old and the lucky boy of the new Shounen Hollywood. His Hollywood colour is Yellow. Daiki's dream to become an idol has been influenced by what he saw as a ray of hope from watching his favourite idols during his childhood.

Maiyama Shun is also 15 years old. His Hollywood colour is Pink. Shun's dream is to become an international artist, though he feels somewhat embarrassed of being an idol. He represents the Voice of the Spring Breeze.

Seriously, what's up with all those weird associations given by the president? Well, I'm certain that doesn't represent the majority of idol groups in today's show business. The manager is quite the flashy guy but he genuinely cares a lot for the idols. But I suppose my favourite character (yeah that's kind of quick come to think of it) has to be the owl. Yes, there is an owl in the anime that acts as the guardian angel of the theatre known as Hollywood Tokyo. It's rather cute and gentle. Nope, I don't think I can raise an owl in my house even after watching the anime. By the way, the owl is named Cat.

Well, I hope to give this anime another shot when its next episode comes up. Anybody else has watched Shounen Hollywood?

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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