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Pocha Pocha Swimming Club

Even though I would easily associate swimming with the boys from Iwatobi and Samezuka, there is also that rare moment of deviation into something totally unexpected, like what I'm attempting to do now. Sure, swimming is a sport which bathes its enthusiasts in sparkling, chlorinated waters under the biting heat. During tournaments, it triggers unforgettable episodes of team spirit, friendships, dreams, the future and topless guys with mouth-watering muscle groups which Gou-chan is able to identify effortlessly. However, I would like to temporarily erase (?) all those memories to make way for Pocha Pocha Swimming Club by mangaka Touyama Ema!

(Scanlations taken from Manga Fox)

It all started with some delicious tonkatsu. The aroma of freshly prepared pork cutlets made its way into the nostrils of Oota Katsuyo, a freshman of Agemono High School. Katsuyo is a little on the heavy side, mainly because her family runs a tonkatsu shop aptly named Ton-chan (and thus her staple diet consists of different variations of tonkatsu). Despite her usual ramblings about weight gain and overeating, Katsuyo is still pretty comfortable with herself. She has an unconditionally loving family, and a handsome childhood friend Ken-chan.

Ken-chan and Katsuyo arrived at their high school. While I find naming a school after deep-fried food extremely salivating (?), just the mere mention of it might make some people wonder if they have accidentally enrolled themselves into a culinary school. Anyway, they spotted Samejima-senpai, who also happens to be Katsuyo's crush. However, a timely blunt remark from Samejima-senpai to a classmate regarding his preferred type of girl instantly crumbled Katsuyo's self-perception. A dejected Katsuyo walked past the school's swimming pool and spotted a girl doing laps. That scene would later become part of an important catalyst which makes up the story proper.

Meanwhile, the girl who just finished her laps is Itou Hatsume, the president of the swimming club. It becomes clear that the club is facing closure due to the lack of members. Vice-president Kaji Rinko wasn't too enthusiastic about the club's fate. It seems that a lot of school clubs require a minimum number of four students to merely exist. Anyway, Katsuyo would be the crucial element in determining the swimming club's fate alongside her first new friend. Enter Kaitani Ayumi. Ayumi and Katsuyo didn't start out friendly though, as their common interest (?) in gluttony seemed more of a hindrance. Well, I didn't realise that eating could be so intimidating! Naturally, Katsuyo has completely forgotten about her original plan to diet.  

The girls stumbled upon the swimming club which would mark Katsuyo's first step although not immediately. The vice-president was rather adamant about Katsuyo and Ayumi's addition due to their statures (one is 'too fat' and the other is 'too thin'). But interestingly, the girls would find themselves being tailed by the seniors as they were checking out other clubs. Apparently, Hatsume was very upset about Rinko's earlier refusal to take the girls in. She ended up attempting to bribe them into consideration yet it was a hopeless disaster.  

But thanks (?) to a certain twist, Katsuyo and Ayumi found their way back to the swimming club and after a little more persuasion, they decided to become members. Hence, the Pocha Pocha Swimming Club is officially up and running! By the way, Pocha Pocha is a gitaigo (onomatopoeic expression) which means 'plump'.

Incidentally (?), the manga is four-panel which means eternal bliss (?) for the lazy soul on a lazy afternoon! The (mis)adventures of Katsuyo and the gang become more interesting with quirks, more tonkatsu, an impromptu bikini parade and a duck named Suzuki (?). I'm sold!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪     

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