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Webtoon Fantasies

Webtoon 一 it houses many comics of varying genres across the world. One of my favourite genres to read is fantasy, mainly because of the fascinating visuals that are uniquely catered to every single comic. If you agree with me, I hope this article will help you find one that is just your cup of tea. 

  1. Omniscient Reader

Imagine this: You’re reading your favourite book, manga, or watching your favourite show when all of a sudden you get sucked into the story world. Would you be delighted, or find yourself trapped in a nightmarish world and want to escape? 

Unfortunately for our dashing protagonist, Dokja, his answer is the latter. I don’t think I have to explain why other than the fact that the name of the story he got sucked into is called “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse”. Thrown into a mix of chaotic life-threatening game scenarios, Dokja has to use his knowledge of the story to promise not only his but the survival of those whom he cares for.  

The world-building in this manhwa (Korean comic) is phenomenal. Characters are forced to undergo life-or-death challenges in order to earn coins 一 a system managed by mythical creatures named dokkaebi. The dokkaebi will stream each challenge for the entertainment of god-like beings called “Constellations'', with famous characters like The Monkey King from the Chinese literature “Journey to the West”. If you are lucky enough to be favoured by one, you will be gifted coins to level up your stats. You may even be sponsored, which in turn offers you skills relevant to the Constellation. Isn’t that interesting? 

Not only does this manhwa have a solid plot, it also has pretty solid characters. The protagonist, Dokja, is an intelligent and level-headed businessman. His thought process is many steps ahead of others, so seeing him try to get out of tough situations is never dull. Dokja isn’t your typical lone-wolf protagonist. In fact, he tries to make meaningful connections with others and aid their personal journeys when he deems necessary 一 although he does believe it is pragmatism driven by personal benefits. Add in characters like a young boy with the uncanny ability to communicate with creatures, a feisty female warrior with a traumatic war past, topped with many others, this makes for a fairly unusual group of personalities.

I think the photos of the Webtoon speak for themselves. With such stunning artwork, intricate plot and characters, what more are you waiting for? Read Omniscient Reader on Webtoon now! 

  1. Eleceed

Cute, funny and thrilling 一 this Webtoon is a three-in-one package deal. Elecced, in a nutshell, is basically about a kind-hearted boy and a grumpy cat with tremendous powers. Throw in some tsundere friends, a couple evil people who abuse their abilities, and many many many cats; that’s about the gist of it. 

In the story world, if you have powers, you’re an Awakened One. When our protagonist, Jiwoo, discovers he is one of them, he is taken under the wing of a cat. Yep, you read that right. A cat. Take note though, if you make the mistake of underestimating the great Mr Kayden (yes, that’s the cat’s name), be prepared to find yourself in hot soup.

As Jiwoo’s mentor, Mr Kayden teaches Jiwoo all about the nics and tricks of training and how to hone his skills in order to protect those he cares about. It’s a little bit difficult to tell the plot without spoiling much (blergh), so I’ll just leave it at that. 

The relationship bond between Jiwoo and the cat is the main basis of this comic. Two characters with contrasting personalities, one warm one cold, hanging out and growing close together 一 isn’t that adorable? I especially fancy stories where you get to see that one “ice queen” character slowly warming up to the main character and growing a soft spot for them. To add on, the cat isn’t the only victim to Jiwoo’s irresistible charm. In fact, many other characters soon fall for our soft boy and will do anything to keep him safe and happy. Wonder why? Just read the first couple of chapters and you’ll get it. 

Character developments plus the top-tier comedy really makes this Webtoon a gem. Kayden’s attempts to not behave like a fluffy chubby cat and tsundere characters trying not to fall for Jiwoo really top the charts. Paired with superb illustrations detailing out fight scenes, Eleceed really makes for a great read. 

  1. Jungle Juice

Ah, where do I even begin with this one? If there’s one thing I can say about this comic, it’s that after reading every chapter, you will most likely gain a new fact about insects. That’s right, this Webtoon is about humans who have mutated into insects, creating new waves of hierarchy between the different species. 

The main story follows our main character Suchan Jang, a once-popular student whose reputation fell into demise after an ugly truth of his was revealed 一 the pair of dragonfly wings attached to his back. One thing led to another, and the next thing Suchan knew? He was enrolled in a school meant for half-human-half-insects like him, and they are all trained to fend for themselves for survival. Over there, he has to discover how to adapt to his skills, make new friends among a sea of sharks and avoid getting screwed over by some not-so-friendly schoolmates. 

Despite having a typical story base of a scared protagonist trying to come into acceptance of his ability and learning to hone it to his benefit, the premise of this comic is a breath of fresh air and oddly unique. I’d recommend it to both insect lovers and insect haters. As part of the latter group myself, this manga will be the closest thing I want to associate with regarding insects. 

To top it off, the art style is *chef’s kiss*. Every page is captivating, even those with deadly killer human-insects trying to devour another insect. For action and thriller fans, this Webtoon would be a great fit for you! 

With all that, I hope you’ve found something that whets your appetite. Happy reading folks. 

Written by Potato.

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