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Devi's Japan Travels Part 11: Arashiyama and Tetsugaku no Michi

After 3 weeks of non-stop traveling, starting in Fukuoka, going down to Kagoshima and then to Beppu, we finally ended up in Kyoto via Shikoku and Tsuyama. It's been one trip, and we have driven lots of miles to come here! Before we part ways, my husband and I had one more encore in Kyoto.

Kyoto day 3: Arashiyama and the Philosophers Path

How Harry Potter does this title sound?! Anyway, back to Kyoto. Or rewind a bit further even to Kusatsu. As I wrote in my last blog, we were staying in a hotel in Kusatsu. After our really tiring temple-day yesterday, we were so tired that we had missed breakfast. Well, judging from the day before there wasn't much to miss. I still had an ebi-mayo onigiri to wake me up in the morning. Most people use coffee. I am not like most people. I am weird. 
Now that we've established that, it's time to go to Kura-sushi again for some brunch! The chain is really big in Kansai, ever since we went there in Nara we saw lots of them. We did the game again, and won some Conan the detective sticker/figure which we gave to a cute little girl at another table. Again, it was just 2000 yen and we ate like pigs once more. We gave this place 'The Feeding Shed' for this reason. 

ABURI EVERYTHING!!! Aburi is when the top part is grilled, usually with a (small) blowtorch. I bought one myself for cheap and it was actually really easy to make my own aburi sushi. Some places have mayo on top of the sushi or cheese, or whatever is popular at the moment really which they then grill.

After eating we drove to Kyoto, straight away to Arashiyama. Of course my husband needed to see the bamboo forest. We took a very weird route and ended up at the end of the bamboo forest path, and did it the other way around. But on our way there, we saw the Kameyama park and Oi river. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible. It was cold, raining, and humid, really wet and sticky. But the misty views had its own charm. We finally found a parking spot, which was only 500 yen for the day. We had to look long for that one and it was still a while away from the touristic spots, about 20 minute walk but for the cheap price it was worth it heh heh.

 Driving to Arashiyama, the weather was not nice..

Sakura trees on the way, heavenly roads

Arashiyama arrival, the sakura were beautiful

  Misty mountains, a misty Oi river, and some sakura highlights on the mountain

  Beautiful colors in Kameyama Park

 Despite the weather the bamboo forest was beautiful, the green colors were amazing

We were quite tired after all that walking. We went to the train station and walked around there, it is a really nice train station, it even had a foot-onsen for only 200 yen. We went to Tully's for some hot chocolate, matcha latte and a hot dog with avocado. It was pretty nice actually. A most welcomed break after walking for so long in the cold.

 This warmed us and charged us up for some more exploring!

 Cute little train at Arashiyama station, and pillars of light with different patterns 

 The 'Kimono Forest' by designer Yasumichi Morita

On our way back I got some ichigo daifuku, mochi with a strawberry inside. But, it wasn't 'just' plain ol' ichigo daifuku, it was CHOCOLATE ichigo daifuku! Instant drool! It was really good. I figured because it was springtime the time for ichigo daifuku I could eat it a lot but I couldn't find many! So I was disappointed but this made it aaalll worth it. Walking back we did some more photoshoots with sakura.

Sakura in the sun, Sakura in the rain, Sakura at night, it doesn't really matter. It's always beautiful.

We wanted to stop by Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavillion, and we drove there from Arashiyama but I suspected it would be closed because it it was past 5 'o clock. As expected: we arrived there and it was closed. Well then, onwards to the Philosopher's Path then!

 Onwards, to tetsugaku no michi!
I love driving through the city at night, especially after the rain. The lights and reflections create a nice atmosphere

 Arrival! And the sakura trees are already welcoming us with some nice overhanging flowers
 It feels like a winter wonderland, something from a Disney movie or something...

 Flash a Sakura in the Dark. Sounds like the title of a very bad bad movie lols...

 Some greens coming through already

 Had enough of these pictures? My bad! Sorry not sorry
 Oops I did it again - Britney Spears
 Like snowflakes in the dark wintersky
 Aaand again
 More more more - Capsule

Beautiful pink colours in the background

We were getting tired and hungry, so we decided to find some place to have some dinner. We found a ramen place to eat. It was not as good as the Kurobuta ramen we had in Kagoshima of course, but still decent.

After that we took more pictures of sakura, but I will spare you guys from that. Anyway, after a cold and wet day it was time to head back! We needed to rest up for a last day together.

 Ok ok, one last pic for the road then!

Crossing the bridge back to Kusatsu

Kyoto day 4: Not so much Kyoto

After weeks of non-stop traveling and sight-seeing, we decided to stay in on our last day. I needed to make some travel arrangements as from the next day I was alone and needed to buy some train tickets. I also arranged a shuttle bus to the train-station from the hotel, which was for free. We ate at Kura sushi again (of course) and Matsuya (another chain). Easy foods in the neighbourhood for an easy day in. From the next blog onwards it will be about my solo-travels in Kanazawa with a lot more beautiful sakura! So if you are not sick of it yet, stay tuned for more!

~Written by Devi~


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