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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Tokisaki Kurumi (Good Smile Company)

Today, we'll be doing a review on the charismatic girl from Date-A-Live! She's so mysterious and interesting that everyone just falls to her charms be it her normal or her spirit form!
This is the rerelease version of Kurumi and thank god for the rerelease because she shot up so high for the original release.
First, we take a look at her box where the main colors are black and red. These are her image colors and suits her perfectly. The contrasting gold-yellow adds in an elegant touch to her character in the series, and of course also her Nendoroid!

Her box is as sturdy as any other Nendoroid and her blister actually comes with tape to hold the two pieces together. I haven't seen that commonly in other Nendoroids (usually only scales for me) so it's a good change. It feels like GSC upped their efforts for her~

Posing and Assembly
Looking at the front of her blister, we see that she comes with a main body and three faceplates. She also has quite a few arms and hands to change around as well as her two weapons. Sadly, she does not come with any other legs, not even a bent one...

Assembly-wise, she's alright. For my copy, the stand was quite tight and held her sturdy even when lifted off the base. Perhaps even a little too tight for my comfort, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Painting and Sculpting

Moving on to the main figure itself, we see that Kurumi has a lot of reddish-orange tints on her outfit, similar to how it looked like in the series. I really should have waited till I had better lighting to take the photographs but my light got busted and wouldn't be repaired for the while. At least the dark shadows due to her bangs make Kurumi look much more sinister...? :)
Taking a closer look at Kurumi's outfit, we see that it's definitely very detailed, especially all the individual ruffles. Painting application was done well when viewed from far but a little sloppy if viewed close-up. The problem lies with painting out of line, resulting in not a clean and crisp finish. I would have expected more from GSC but at least it looks really amazing when displayed. 
From the image above, we see the details in her ribbons on her hairband and on her glove. The painting is clean and crisp for both of these and since the hairband is enlarged to this proportion, I expected GSC to put much more effort into it and they pulled through splendidly! There's absolutely no painting errors on it!
Here's Kurumi in her most iconic faceplate and I've posed her as if she is trying to shoot you. It's actually quite scary to see her like this, even in Nendoroid form. I have Nendoroid Itsuka Kotori too and they both have this sadistic faceplate which makes it really good to display them together!


She doesn't have a lot of play-value due to the lack of accessories (only her weapons) however, she has many unique parts which other Nendoroids typically lack -- such as the insane faceplate and the weapons. Her attire is also very iconic and will give a very different aura to your other nendoroids, should you decide to interchange them. Definitely recommended!

~ Reina-rin

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