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Naruto Shippuden episode 308: Crescent Moon Night

Hey guys. I just finished watching Naruto Shippuden episode 308: Crescent Moon Night, and I could feel a torrent of emotions just striking at my heart near the end. Although this episode was a filler episode, I found the story quite heartwarming, albeit overall typically anime-ish.

Well, the story revolves around the love between Uzuki Yugao and the deceased Gekko Hayate. Two very insignificant members of the Naruto Universe. Both of them sparred with each other regularly with swords, specifically the hidden leaf sword style. Basically, Yugao was weaker then Hayate, and Hayate swore to protect her blah blah blah, you know the rest. Like I said, typically Anime-ish.

Anyway, in the current anime storyline, Hayate was already dead, but, as you all already know, was brought back to life thanks to the Impure World Reincarnation technique. As every Naruto fan would know, Hayate was killed by Kabuto and a sand ninja as he spied on them during a secret meeting between Kabuto, who was at that time, Orochimaru’s right hand man, and Baki, a member of the sand. So apparently, Kabuto was giving Baki some secret plans to destroy Konoha, and Hayate overheard it all, but sadly, was found out by the two conspirators. Baki caught Hayate and finished him off with his Blade of Wind technique.

That is how Hayate died, and Yugao did not take the news well. In the end, she could not even bring herself to lift up a sword, because according to her, “The sight of a sword reminds me of Hayate’s death.” Some ANBU black ops member indeed. Loved one dies, cannot even fight again. Pah! Time to revise the standards of ANBU members.

For the benefit of those who really want to watch this episode without any spoilers, I shall reluctantly comply. So, I am just going to tell you guys what I think about the filler. I LOVED IT, despite the fact that the plot was typical and almost every anime lover would be able to predict what happens scene by scene. The sparring scene at the end was beautifully drawn and nicely timed, and it really does send sparks into your heart as you believe yourself in their universe, becoming one with the realm. That fight scene, was a emblem of the undying love the two shared before and after life.

No matter how corny and crummy that may sound, I still am a fool towards love, and I am always taken in by any love scene. Be right back next time, I need to get some tissues.

Signing off, Chichiri. *Sob*

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