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3DS or PSV? Maybe Alphabets or Shapes sounds better...

Choosing sides has always been a tough decision for me. It’s as though it’s a life changing decision for me. I mean both interest me greatly. Both are wonderful to have. But there are some who’ll say, “Why not have both?” 

Yeah, sure… If you are willing to spare me your NETS then I don’t mind. I mean a 3DS and a PS Vita is quite expensive.

Although I say that, I already own both over the time it took me to think about which is better. To be honest I don’t know which is either. I was still an impulsive buyer back then so I don’t remember what attracted me to buy them. Games are probably the main reason why but lately I have not touched them for a few months already. I started to lose interest in them. It makes it seem like a waste that I’ve bought them. But sooner or later I’ll get into them again, that is if any games interest me for those two consoles. I’m losing interest in games quite fast lately or actually for quite some time already. Both consoles are picking up dust on the table below the wall mounted TV in the living room and their chargers are almost to the point of losing their meaning. Buying a new one would cost money, which I have none either. And I don’t really like having those big consoles, which utilizes your TV as I would have to keep my head up in order to see what I’m doing. Even I’m lazy to play games as it involves too much of a hassle. I make myself seem like a boring guy to hang out with, as I don’t even want to make an effort in having fun. I would rather entertain myself with limited movements. 

A book for example would be wonderful as I can just lie down and my eyes and fingers would do all the work. Listening to music would also be wonderful as it only needs me to insert my earpiece into my ear and connect the cord to the audio jack and play my playlist and then I can just lie down and drift off to sleep or to a semi-conscious state. Eating involves a little more movements as I need to move my jaws to grind the sustenance and swallowing also requires effort. 

Ha…. What a hassle it is to live… Oh… sorry. I’ve sidetracked again.

As mention way above, the games are the most likely reason as to why one would choose the following console. Both have wonderful games accompanying them and more are being continuously produced in order to keep the user entertained for as long as possible. Well, until the next console comes out for their respective brand. I mean, look at me. 

I have both and quite a few games for each one, well, more for the PSV as it was the first of them both that I bought since I am a fan of the Project Diva games. It was the main reason I bought the PSV as the game came out. Similar to the 3DS as well as I bought it to play ORAS. But I always stop after I complete the main storyline or the main part of the whole game. I am always into the games for the storyline, which I really enjoy. I don’t really get into games because of the PvP or grinding or playing online. I choose games to enjoy the story. I mean completing ORAS in less than 3 days, the same with Project Diva or other similar games. Once it’s done, I lose interest in the game quickly, which sometimes people ask me why buy the game and console? You can just borrow from a friend. The thought does cross my mind but then, it would have been a hassle. And since I was an impulsive buyer back then and probably am still now, it didn’t matter to me.  Well either way, more games will soon come to shore or into my radar that will soon entertain me for the measly amount of time that it provides. I make it sound bad saying it to be measly but I usually forget the amount of time I spend pouring into the games, as I tend to take time for granted. Ironic as I speed up videos that I watched to save time.

Well this has become more of a rant instead of a versus thingy, a comparison. Anyway, to conclude…

Both consoles have their own attractions, features that entice buyers but at the end of the day, they’re still just two gadgets meant to pass your time and keep you entertain. So if you ask me which is better or who would I support more…

Either is fine right?

Mate ne~

Written by Zwei


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