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Gakuen Babysitters

Temptation exists in many different forms, a lot of which have the ability to subtly meander through the brains like some new mutated breed of parasite off Plague Inc. or something. Just when you think that nothing is going to waver any of your strong beliefs and such, at the same time you somehow find yourself drawing closer to stuff which you wouldn't easily classify under your favourite things. As much as I hate to admit certain things, however I shall attempt to convince myself otherwise that there is no direct harm to my sanity for liking some things. Okay, that is enough beating around the bush.

I would like to touch on a manga series that has caught my eyes of late. Actually, I have seen the books around Kinokuniya for quite a while yet back then I didn't feel any hint of attraction to sample the series. Remember what I told you about temptation being a parasite? It is working. However, there is a huge, opposing irony in this situation which I will explain in a moment. Anyway, the title of the manga is 'Gakuen Babysitters', created by Tokeino Hari. Currently, the Japanese edition has 10 volumes with the latest being released in early October.

Now, allow me to explain the irony that sticks out like a sore thumb. If temptation had meant for me to pick up the manga because it has got unbelievably adorable toddlers attempting to penetrate deep into my mind with their googly eyes or something, I have to say that the plan is working so far. However, a reality check tells me that I'm not too fond of children. Unfortunately, the fuse has gotten shorter and shorter over the years. Then again, I suppose that it is perfectly all right to embrace children in manga and anime. Moving on.

'Gakuen Babysitters' is a heart-warming blend of sorts. The characters are easily identifiable and likeable (the irony I know), and their stories might just send some readers down their own memory lanes. As mentioned earlier, children make up the meat of this series. However, we can't really leave out the grown-ups since supervision is nearly always required whenever little ones are around.

The main setting is a daycare centre which operates inside a school building. We are introduced to Kashima Ryuuichi, a high school student, and Koutarou who is his younger brother. Both have come to the school that is run by Morinomiya Youko, an elderly woman who also happens to be the boys' new guardian. You see, Ryuuichi and Koutarou have lost their parents to a plane crash - the same one that claimed the chairperson's son and daughter-in-law. The chairperson took notice of the boys and quickly adopted them. In exchange for that, Ryuuichi has to help out at the daycare centre before and after school. Koutarou naturally becomes part of the little group that Ryuuichi looks after.

Kakichan and Tamachan

Speaking of the little group, it also comprises of Kamitani Taka, Kumatsuka Kirin, Mamizuka Takuma, Mamizuka Kazuma (Takuma and Kazuma are twins) and Sawatori Midori. Their mothers (with the exception of Midori's, who probably holds an administrative position) are working as teachers in the school, hence the need for an internal daycare centre. Taka's older brother Hayato is Ryuuichi's classmate and an eventual helper at the daycare centre. Hayato also doubles as a member of the school's baseball club.

The daycare centre has one full-time employee named Usaida Yoshihito who often sleeps on his job and complains about his low wages. Yet he truly cares for the little ones, particularly Midori who is only a baby. The daycare centre also sees Inomata Maria, an ace student who makes occasional visits that usually bring (un)intentional comic relief to the series.

There are also several other characters who contribute to the fun and joy in 'Gakuen Babysitters'. I'm puzzled as to why the manga hasn't gotten an anime adaptation yet. There is also not much information available regarding the series except for various scanlations and beautiful artwork. Honestly, 'Gakuen Babysitters' is getting addictive! If you don't mind children (at least manga wise), do consider giving it a read.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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